Friday, 28 July 2017

Up Your Standards

Up your standards. Stop putting up with anything that isn't up where you belong. 

You know you should be up there with the knowing you have always had. You know you have compromised yourself your whole life into a compromised position. 

You know its the way of the world but you know even more that you have given way to it. You know that's why nothing is working as it's supposed to. You know you are fed up with people's nonsense.

You know that it's up to you to make things right.

The world can't give you what's in keeping with your worth when you keep selling yourself short. You can't get what you deserve when you keep giving up on your inherent standards. 

I know it's tremendously tough to stand your ground, to overcome the pain inside and be firm. I know, too, that you simply have to find a way, and that you can. You will be bullied at every turn until you learn your lesson. You are worth standing up for. 

Up your standards to where you feel met. You won't be at peace until you do. And met you will be. The immediate and wider world will have no option but to deal with you as you present yourself. 

People may throw tantrums at first but they will respect, admire and emulate you. Everyone wants the same for themselves. Up your standards for you and for everyone.

See you in the sky.


Robert Fowler said...

Hi Robin, been a while since I dropped in and glad I did so as I was reading this post. I like it. Shared on our social media sites. Very appropriate for these times. A simple but effective bad to cut through the crap. Regards, Robert

Robin Wheeler said...

Great to hear from you, Robert. Thanks for your note and insights, and for sharing the post. Look forward to staying in touch in the New Year. All best wishes to you there. Robin