Sunday, 8 January 2017


Have a good day. Don’t fret or worry. Trust and enjoy life. 

Make the changes you need to make. Move into the new. Be happy where you are and follow the pull of further happiness. Let go into the longing. Dissolve into the flow.

Everything is up in the air. The human race is metamorphosing. We are going extinct the way we were and being born on a whole new level. Maybe we aren’t. Maybe we won’t make it. It’s important to sit with that distinct possibility. In awareness of reality, we can create a fresh one. 

Of course we will make it. Everything is in the balance. This is a do-or-die situation. It is a matter of life and death, no less. Look into the heart of it. Choose the right way forward. Happiness is the way.

Have a good day. Have a good moment. Have a good life. 

Don’t be afraid. Fear is the blinding barrier to living to the full. It is a cloud, a fog of forgetting. That’s all, yet it controls the old way of life. We are moving out of that heavy weather. We are heading into the sun. We are stepping out and walking on the beach of life. We are learning how to be happy again. We are remembering. Have a good day.

Do not be convinced by the tension. Use the tension to let go. All is good. Surrender into it. Let yourself be as happy as can be. Then release into even more of it. Do not fear. Just take care of the moment with simple joy. Everything will take care of itself. Feel the love.

Be. Be yourself. Be yourself for a living. Be yourself for a living in our transforming world.

Live the love.