Sunday, 22 May 2011


When you are at war with yourself, it generates a friction within you, which is reflected outwards in circumstantial conflict.

The inner friction and outer conflict waste your energy. And you need that energy.

You need energy to change and grow. Just to see things as they really are, you need tremendous resources. In fact, you need all of your attention in the here and now. You need to be total. That brings transformation.

Life as we have known it in human history has split us within ourselves. We have not been allowed by society to be who we are, and to grow into our potential. We have had our authenticity ignored and invalidated, and a host of ideals imposed on us.

So we have never tasted what it is to be natural. We haven't even begun to bloom. We are against ourselves, which uses up and wastes almost all of our life force.

To regain access to our energy, we need to see and accept ourselves as we are, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We need to observe the beautiful and brutal within us, with no judgement, no preconceptions, and no avoidance.

Our full attention needs to be brought into the present, and the light of this awareness needs to be shone into our being in one total act of seeing. No time delay, no thinking, no analysing. No steps or sequence. Complete clarity in an instant.

Only this way can we move from the energy-sapping ego to a state of insight. We go suddenly from split to whole. We move from being wasted to being integrated. Here, a new energy can be felt.

This fresh resourcefulness is our natural state that we have lost touch with. Reconnection results in freedom from conditioning and psychological bondage.

It aligns us with the greater intelligence, dissolving the separate self and mobilising the flow of unifying energy.

This energy, we can call love. We can call it truth. It is live-wire awareness, a state of unclouded consciousness. In it, we begin to function as we are intended to.

Internal friction is gone, so outer conflict cannot continue. Energy is no longer lost, so we are no longer empty. Cleaned out by total clarity, we are at home in ourselves. Finally, we feel full, brimming with essence.

We are no longer separate selves. Just the whole remains. And with that, intelligent living ensues.

Friction-free, we come to be.

Sunday, 8 May 2011


You are part animal, part human. The animal is your history, the human is your potential. We are all in an internal struggle between the two, and this inner conflict is manifest all around us.

We are both base-level beasts and beauty from the beyond. Within us and around us, there is brutality and divinity.

The dissolution of this conflict lies in the individual, in you and me. We want to shed our animal heritage, because it isn't working for us and the world, plus we know what we hold within.

We know we are one with all existence. We know we are filled with love and joy. We want to get on with ourselves and one another, and share our humanity. We dream of it, long for it. We are aching with affection, bursting with light.

But we are still fighting, with ourselves and one another, openly and subversively. We are racked with rage, caged by guilt, and inhibited by instinct. So we pretend to be good while acting badly, living as hypocrites, hurting and betraying ourselves and each other in a state of masked anguish. It happens in our hearts, our homes, our businesses, and our politics.

The stakes have got so high now that we can take no more. The cracks are chasms, gaping gorges. Leaders are liars, systems are crimes, and the planet is a ball of pain. It is also a glowing orb of possibility. Each of us can relate to how it feels. You can relate.

Never before has the need been more urgent to live our potential. Never before has the inner anguish been more pressing, and the outer situation more obvious. Never before have we been turned in on ourselves with such ruthlessness. Never before have we been violated to such a degree by the powers that be.

It is time to harmonise ourselves as individuals and become whole. We are each responsible for our consciousness. The outer will continue to reflect the inner, so the world will heal with our awakening. You can feel it happening. Everything is pushing you into your core, your truth.

Scientists can discover and explain the mechanical workings of life. Poets can open the chambers of you heart and lead you in. Mystics can clear the cobwebs and show you the way to the light. But only you know.

You know.

Monday, 2 May 2011


It can feel, at times, like you are lost in the deepest darkness, making your way who knows where through the thickest fog.

The ground beneath your shaking feet is shifting. You are emotionally overwhelmed and entangled in externals that draw you away from yourself.

Just to know where to step next, you have to find yourself first. Everything depends on you knowing who you are so that you can proceed. You are searching.

You have always been searching, one way or another. Choosing to believe in a religion or a political leader is an easy way out, a pretence. It gives you a false sense of security, which means you can go off to other pursuits, to do well in the world.

But deep down, you are still searching and you know it. Believing is not going to help. Only awakening in your own right will make a real difference. You will continue to search until you do that.

Sometimes the search will seem to overcome you. It's as if every false form of security forsakes you. The subliminal quest becomes central and, intentionally or not, you become consumed by it.

That is when you are feeling your way through the fog. Then, your lifetime of effort seems to be in the balance. Everything is culminating, cresting and crumbling.

Moments move from meaningless to momentous, from destitute to divine. Slowly you make profound progress.

In the context of all this tension, situations arise that shift you. All your searching has prepared you and an insight happens. Then another.

Your being quakes into place. Some circumstance synchronises with your state, and you jolt into awakening. You see where you are and who you are in an instant. Everything has been your preparation.

The situation galvanises you. Maybe someone suitable gives you a push. You learn to fly.

You remember who you are.