Monday, 5 June 2017

Forget Productivity

Forget about output and efficiency. Let go of that entire paradigm.

Drop the tension that comes with measuring performance and trying constantly to measure up. Relax, trust, create and live in a natural and healthy way. You will produce much more, without trying or compromising, and it will be of an altogether different quality.

It will be essential, elemental and authentic. It will be sincere and unique. It will be your life’s work. It will be you.

You will be steadily happy, no matter what oscillations you are taken through for the unfolding of your inner myth in the evolving world. You will stay blissful because you are on course. You will know joy because you are being true. 

The mad world can run its course and you will be here when it’s ready to heal and be healthy. You will be teaching away by your very being. You will be needed and appreciated.

You will be richer than ever.