Friday, 27 March 2009


There are some rose bushes in my garden, visible from my window. They just do not stop flowering!

One after the next, the new shoots rocket from the plant, buds form and explode into fragrant and colourful wealth.

The roses just want to bloom, to flourish. Just as they come like fireworks into the sky, so they go too, losing their thrust and falling away into dust. But before they are gone, more are coming, fresh and abundantly alive.

Life does not stop. It cannot come to an end. It can fall away in one form so that more can find form, but life itself is infinite.

The real you cannot die, you can only keep flowering.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Are you postponing your life?

Do you tell yourself that you have plenty of time to do all you want to? Are you using logic to override immediacy?

Logic is a problem! It does not overlap with presence. You are either here now or living in your head.

If you are thinking, you are missing. If you are being, you will move with the moment. You will not postpone.

One moment of being is worth more than many lifetimes of missing. And you are living a lifetime of missing! You are thinking and talking yourself out of living.

You can be here now, so feel it. Seize the moment by filling it. Access the ultimate, the essence in the now and live like there is no other.

It is not a comparison between thinking and being, because comparing is thinking. You are either there or here and when you are here, there is meaningless.

When you are there, here is lost. Be here, be here now.

If you had just one day to live, all the trivialities with which you occupy yourself would fall away and you would do what matters. You would connect with your essence.

So do it now anyway as if you have only the now. You do!

Trivialities are a way of avoiding. They are a postponement. You are choosing the payoffs of martyring your life for being egoic, of choosing to be right rather than happy.

You are putting process above presence. You are missing. You have a handful of arguments but you know it's true.

Postponing your life is not living it or loving yourself, plus it spreads a resistant rather than reverent energy to others.

Friday, 6 March 2009


Love is silent, unspoken. If you are filled with it, you will be quiet.

If you are sharing it with someone, you will not be voicing it. You will both know it, feel it, and be it, but you will not be saying it.

‘I love you’ almost always means something else. It may mean, ‘I want something from you’ or ‘I feel guilty’.

I could also mean, ‘I am scared’ or ‘Please don’t hurt me’.

It seldom if ever accompanies true love. So watch yourself when you say it, and see the process of it.

Then move deeper into yourself until you realise that you are pure love. There you will emanate it and never have to put it into words.

Words and what we have understood to be love both exist on the superficial plane of our awareness, on the circumference. We have lived there as a species and identified with who we are not.

If there are no words for something, we doubt or miss its existence. If we feel something powerful, we try to put it into words to validate it.

But love is the very nature of everything in and around us. It is the eternal, the mystery, the creative force, the evolutionary impulse. Love is the space between everything.

Love is all. You cannot put that into words. If you are in words, you are not in love.

From love you may occasionally use words but those words will have a totally different quality to them. They will be an extra sprinkle of stardust around the adoring and compassionate gratitude filling and surrounding you.

Once you distinguish between process and presence, you are through the gate and on your way home.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Slowing down

Lately I have found myself doing a few things at once.

I have spotted errors in e-mails when I revisit them. I have woken in the morning with a mind as busy as when I went to sleep.

I have found myself caught up in ego, feeling inflated about all the good that is happening rather than simply good.

My false self is trying to make this all about him. He is finding ways to do so because I have been moving too fast and drifting out of touch with my core.

My head has been too full and I have been resident in it. It has been controlling me, rather than taking its rightful place in a balanced being.

My reality has not been radiant, it has been dreamlike. Too much has been happening too quickly and I have not been here now.

I have been craving chocolate! There has been an urge to take time out and another to speed up, and I have been unsure of which to follow.

I am here writing now, which is a good sign. I am writing about slowing down, which is an even better one.

Slowing down, right down, is the solution. There is no need for speed. In slowness, there is presence. In awareness there is grace.

I am finding myself, hearing the birds, breathing the breeze.

Outside it is late summer, not to be missed. There is a stillness about, not to be missed.

Everything is perfect, with no need to rush or push or struggle or doubt or fear, not to be missed.

The here and now is here and now, not to be missed.