Sunday, 30 August 2009


Picture a baby with a loaded gun in its hands.

Bright-eyed but naive, it stares and sticks its finger down the barrel, fiddles curiously with any switches and moving parts, finds and fumbles with the mechanism, and, in no time, exercises its compulsion to pull the trigger.

Without hesitation, it does the unthinkable.

That's us, the human race. What we have in our hands, in the form of scientific knowledge and technological capacity, is almost entirely a danger to us because of our lack of commensurate wisdom to handle it.

We are causing all sorts of carnage because spiritually we are mere infants. We have an inkling that we are clueless but we are not even awake enough to see that waking up is our priority.

To shift metaphors, the telephone has stirred us, we are speaking to a paramount client, insisting aggressively that we are compos mentis, yet we are stumbling around in a slumbering stupor!

We are a walking world war, destroying the ecology, and eating ourselves from the inside through diseased consciousness.

We hear a click, wake up and watch ourselves put the phone down, then realise that we have just done something serious while deeply in a dream.

A shuddering sobriety shoots through us because we can't remember who we spoke to, what we said, and what our bodies did in our absence.

We must grow inwards to the same degree, at least, that we grow outwards. At the moment, our interiority is alien to us and our exterior is running our lives.

We have the engineering capacity to build marvellous machinery, but the car is in control. There is a newborn behind the wheel.

The head is ruling the heart instead of the right way round.

Consciousness needs to lead science and business.

Monday, 24 August 2009


Most of our lives are lived inside out.

We get an inverted pleasure from pain. We derive our meaning from martyring ourselves.

We perceive our purpose as depriving and punishing ourselves as a way of showing that life is hell. That's our way of proving that we are worthy of our misery.

It's a function of the ego to aggrandise itself through denial. It is so entrenched in our collective psyche that you have to be ultra alert to spot it.

It restores itself all the time, so you have to be awake to drop inversion and turn yourself the right way up again.

'If I die of despair-induced illness, that will show people how much they have hurt me and make them repent.' That's the kind of logic your ego likes.

It will happily kill you so that it can feel important and validated. It can't let life be what it is and live in a state of acceptance-based bliss, because then it would not exist.

Forfeiting of life equals the ego. Absence of the ego equals life. The ego is an inversion. Bliss is a restoration.

With the ego, something has gone horribly wrong, which, of course, is part of everything going perfectly right.

We have to know entirely who we are not first so that we can be who we are, with the experiential knowing of the opposite. We have to turn ourselves inside out to rediscover ourselves for real.

Have you discovered fully who you are not? Have you thoroughly lost yourself so that you can, with consciousness, emerge from the false and be true?

Can you wake up from inversion and be who you really are?

It a simple yet cryptic key to life. Until you see it, it's cryptic, when you see it, it's simple.

Nothing is too good to be you.

Sunday, 16 August 2009


People often use the sentence, 'Everything happens for a reason,' to reassure themselves and others that there is a plan or purpose behind seemingly random or inexplicable events.

It just indicates that they are not in touch. It is their socialised way of trying to get in tune. It's like a drop saying, 'Don't worry, this must all make sense on some level, I know there's an ocean out there somewhere.'

Well, of course, we are the ocean. It's not out there, it's in here and everywhere and indistinguishable from everything.

And it is orchestrated with such precision on every level and in every way that a mere mind could never fathom even a fragment of it. That would be like a strand of nano wire trying to handle the current of a power station, just for the sake of reasonable analogy.

Life is unfathomable, endless mystery. It is infinite.

Sometimes when I am feeling that I have lost touch with this knowing, when life feels empty and random and I seem to be adrift in emptiness, I remind myself of moments of synchronicity.

You know the ones I mean, when you are floating along and suddenly you see that everything is connected in the smallest details. You get a glimpse into the fabric of everything and realise that it's not that life is forsaking you but you who have separated yourself from it. Your little ego has tried to assert its importance and ironically proved its pathos.

You are not your ego identity. You cannot comprehend everything with your mind. You can, however, experience understanding with your being. So sink beneath the surface and let realisation arise.

An insight into synchronicity can put you back in tune with infinity. Step through that doorway and keep walking into your home.

Everything happens for every reason.

Monday, 10 August 2009


Attend for a moment to the lower.

Become aware of your thinking and how most of your energy is in your head. We have been drawn upwards, out of our bodies and into the mind, to the point where it dominates our reality.

With this in mind, let the energy descend. Feel the intensity seep down into your neck and shoulders and then feel it fill your chest and arms, all the way into your hands.

Keep going. Feel it in your abdomen. Be in your abdomen. Your whole upper body is now inhabited.

Feel your energy descend further into your groin. Wow, so much power there!

You have entered the neglected, denied and ostracised territory of your lower body. Welcome.

Keep going into your thighs, lingering in your lovely legs, down into your knees and calves, then your feet. Feel your feet, full of energy, firmly on the ground.

Stay there and at the same time move up again, checking in quickly with the rest of your now balanced body.

As you walk, stay in touch and keep your energy down there. Whenever you remember to, redistribute yourself again and enjoy the full feeling.

It's basic to be in your body. Breathe into it, bringing the cells alive with every intake. It should start vibrating with vitality. You should start humming with happiness.

Being head-heavy is not whole or healthy and your system can't function optimally when you are not inhabiting it. The natural buoyancy of being can't bound about in you unless you are bodily and balanced.

So ground yourself often and feel the uplifting effects.

When you draw your energy down, your body takes you up.

Monday, 3 August 2009


Are you doing what's good for business or what's right for you? Is there a discrepancy between the two?

People live on such a superficial level. 'How's business? Good?' Then life is as it should be. 'Tough?' Something needs to be done.

Work harder, work smarter, change strategy, cut costs, sell more, outwit the competition (with a smile on your face).

Is increasing income for shareholders all there is to living? Now there's a decent question!

Does perceived difficulty open your eyes and heart to what matters, or do you just do more of the same, more tenaciously and stubbornly than ever? Is business all you can think and talk about, all you care for, a shallow substitute for the life you are missing?

Is upping your income your priority or is there more of the ultimate in your field of inner vision?

After a reshuffle, are you now working for the opposition because they pay more and have perkier perks? Have you married for money? Are you paying the price?

What's right for you is good for business, otherwise you are in the wrong business. You need one that is an extension and an expression of who you are.

It must grow with you, deeper and wiser. It must be drawn up into the now, as you are, becoming more and more alive. Business is secondary at most, being is primary at least.

Is selling more important than spirit? Is productivity taking precedence over presence? Is strategy superseding surrender? Are you aggressive or aware?

Are you living in love?

I’m just asking.