Monday, 24 April 2017

Keeping it close

Keep it close. Your precious energy, keep it close. Keep it close to your chest, close to your core. Keep it central and centred.

Keep it where it serves you solidly instead of being sucked up by circumstance. Don't let the vampires siphon your sacred sauce. Keep it where it accumulates in readiness for opportunity.

Retain your power and let the world come to you. Chance favours the resourceful. Keep yourself ready.
Everything always changes. Keep this understanding close. No matter what is happening, it will shift, and that will transpire relatively quickly. A masterful moment-dweller knows this well. A magician keeps this close. 

Do not fret over pressure. It's here to keep you close to yourself. When it shifts you will be grateful for your wisdom. Amazing movement will emerge and you will be wiser than ever.

Sit it out and watch. Do not dissipate under duress.

Keeping it close is key.