Monday, 26 October 2009


People are going to tell you all sorts. Most of it has nothing to do with you.

Of course, interacting with them is part of life, a wonderful part, the counterpoint to solitude. Everyone is another facet of creation, another expression of you and the whole.

But the truth is within. Your connection with oneness is internal.

Interaction on the surface is so often a struggle, albeit dressed in pleasantries. Friends are also enemies, lovers are haters, too. The source from which to encounter life is your home inside yourself.

Here there is no struggle, there cannot be. You are simply a well into the infinite table of universal resources and beyond.

The more you go in, the more awaits you. The more open you are to your connection with source, the bigger your connection gets.

Then, whatever you need is always here. You cannot be swayed, just reflected and enriched by the external. And, no matter how the outside treats you, you will forever be a well of inspiration, insight and truth, for yourself and anyone who comes near you or your work.

Picture a spring sprouting from the earth. No matter the weather, night or day, it just keeps celebrating its origin. The clear cool water or the hot subterranean steam just keeps coming.

You can capture it or leave it, be there or miss out, and it just keeps emitting energy. It is tapped in, well welled. It does what it does not for recognition or exchange, it is simply itself, celebrating in just that.

It is naturally exhilarated, grateful for the world that receives its outpouring of love.

We are all such springs, all wells into the wonder. We are all best positioned open to the world within.

We are all a source of everything we need and of great blessings for the world around us.

Be well, be a well.

Sunday, 18 October 2009


I am ecstatic this morning. It's Sunday and I am having breakfast, reading, and enjoying the melodic sunshine.

I'm in a Portuguese restaurant and the people are beautiful, full of flavour. I am in love with everybody, especially the women!

I am preparing my house for a team of builders to arrive tomorrow and transform it. My build up of anticipatory energy has shifted and I am in the flow.

The heartbeat of the universe is pulsating through me, sending cool waves of bliss through my being.

What one needs to do for this to happen is simple.

First, drop all you know, all you have been taught, all the weight of expectation. Drop the drama and free yourself from false consciousness. Accept and embrace life as it is, in the now. Let vitality come through.

Second, express yourself in many forms, through writing and loving and building and renovating and silence. Create.

Third, stay fluid and responsive, open to the new. And that's it!

Everything you need for ebullient exuberance is within you. You just need to get your 'self', the ego, the illusion, the source of a sense of separation, out of the way.

As you do, which you can do in a moment, with a big release or a breakthrough, or as a process of surrender and progressive liberation, or both, the jollification will race though you, riding a stallion of inner peace.

Paradox will resolve in a continuing crest of surfing sublimeness. You will throb on every level with gratitude-infested lucidity, tingling and bubbling with the effervescent spring of life.

Hand yourself over to happiness.

Monday, 12 October 2009


I embrace getting frights. It's not instinctive, it takes awareness, but that's the point. That's the gift.

Frights, if you let them, can wake you up. Most other surroundings put us to sleep, and being awake is what life is all about.

Have the insight that you are going to welcome your next fright. Of course, you can't look out for it, because then it won't be a fright. You have to let go and let it happen.

Then, when it does, you can remember your realisation and respond differently.

Normally, I curse and cuss when jolted or jarred. You don't want to know what I sometimes bark at the neighbour’s dog when I am watering my garden meditatively and the mongrel yaps on the other side of the wall, amplified by the courtyard.

My body baulks and the chemicals rush through my bloodstream. But I am beyond my reflexes.

Killing the cretin or strangling the unapproachable neighbour would do me no long term good, although both seem appealing in the immediate term, so I have to make a wiser choice.

What can I take from the experience by accepting it as it is and transforming myself instead of struggling with my circumstance?

I can let it be and let myself see! I have had a slight shock. My heart is pounding. I am out of my slumber suddenly. I was asleep! I was lost in thought and the fright brought me back to reality. I can reconnect with the now.

Zen masters are known for walking around with sticks that they use to whip their disciples to wake them. Whenever the pupil drifts off out of the moment, which happens all the time, the teacher cracks him back in to presence. Alertness slowly establishes itself as a state of being.

So embrace your surroundings as a spiritual teacher.

Sunday, 4 October 2009


We have been taught to doubt ourselves.

The seeds of uncertainty were sowed unconsciously the moment we were born and scattered superficially every moment since.

Our global culture undermines us as individuals. Our consciousness has a huge hole right in the middle, which has to heal. It starts with accepting and trusting yourself.

You make mistakes, that's good and healthy. You live and learn, that's life. Understand and proceed.

Doubting yourself is the most insane state to be in. Just think about it. How can something be unsure of itself? It makes no sense, yet it is our situation.

How can we question creation? That, too, is needless and neurotic. Just be!

As soon as we do something assertive, which often comes from feeling insecure (hence the need to assert), we feel a backlash of guilt. I must be wrong. What could I have done better? How must I change to avoid this again?

All this keeps you enslaved and unrealised.

All this comes from what we have been told by insecure teachers, judgemental and unwise mentors. One moment of vigour and we return sheepishly to slumber to avoid the pain of self condemntation that we carry within us like a life-long prison warden.

We have been conditioned into cells that don't even need bars. We have self doubt all around and, more important, deep within us.

Look in to your doubt. You were right when you did what you did. You had a genuine need being expressed and not being met.

You have the right to exist and claim your space. You have the right to thrive and self actualise for a prosperous living.

You are enitirely entitled to be yourself, as you are, without reservation. With discernment and wisdom, yes, but without doubt.

Your uniqueness is your gift and your responsibility, bring it boldly into being.