Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Looking back

Living anywhere but in the present is pointless, but there is benefit in looking back in a particular way.

You can revisit your experiences when you acted unconsciously and bring in the light of awareness. This loosens and releases the tension around them, relieving you of emotional bondage. It also opens you to acting wisely the next time around.

This form of looking back happens while you are present. You take your alertness with you to when you did something about which you feel uncomfortable.

Usually, we run from the memories to avoid the shame, guilt or poor self image. Or we apologise to try to restore the ego for ourselves and the other people involved.

Apologising is just patchwork - a trick to piece together appearances - and avoidance gives unconsciousness more power. When we are presented with a similar situation again, which we repeatedly are, we react in the same way and never grow.

When you look back while remaining in the now, don’t run from how it feels and don’t try to restore facades, something transformational begins to transpire.

Awareness prevails. It shows you what went down and why you behaved the way you did. It takes you into yourself and shows you the mechanisms underlying your make-up.

These unravel in the light of conscious attention. The block you have been carrying and running from dissolves and you feel free. You don’t condemn yourself or indulge in regret, you simply see. You forgive and understand. And you awaken.

Then the next time the scenario plays out, you are less reactive and more responsive. Emotions blind you less and insight comes quicker.

Quite soon, awareness stays with you throughout the encounter and a whole new you comes through. Free and fresh, you respond in the now. The darkness has gone and you are light.

Looking back watchfully takes you forward.

Friday, 11 December 2009


Today, the same week that he sent extra troops to war, at enormous expense during an economic recession, the US president accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. There he made another speech.

The madness seems to escape people. Society is mad, that's why. People see it but won't face it. Dramatic ironies like this confront them daily in high definition and they simply ignore them.

They debate but don't awaken. They think but don't feel, see or be. They know that unconsciousness rules the world yet they march off at election time and vote in more of the same.

Partners project their insecurities onto their lovers, suspect them of all they feel guilty of, accuse them, and destroy their love. To protect themselves from the self-induced pain, they turn from what they want and crave, and blame the other for their loss.

What is, isn't good enough, so instead of enjoying and appreciating it, and letting it grow where it wants to go, they grind it down and prove their self loathing right.

They feel unworthy of love and mistrust it as a result. They stop at nothing to maintain their broken sense of themselves.

People cling to their misery. They get more and more depressed going against themselves every day in every way, doing jobs they hate in lives they aren't living.

Friends point this out, give them an understanding ear and helping hand, and they have some breakthroughs. Then they go back to the same old stories for the same old reasons, explaining away any semblance of insight.

They settle into the same patterns and relationships, and life loses again and again.

Insanity is all around us. The news is nothing but madness. What it reports on and how it covers that are beyond comment. Just look at it with awareness and you will be struck silent.

The businesses people work for, the jobs they do, the dynamics they drown in, the politics they perpetuate, the so-called leaders they follow, the responsibility they renounce, the masks they wear, the lies they live, and the fictions they believe religiously, are all a complex and sticky web of lunacy.

The world we have created is a reflection of a sick mind.

Lost in the world, we are all mad. Turning inwards we find the source, a thinking machine made up of contradictory and crazy voices. There is no solace in the stream of thick thoughts.

Only beyond that, where the silence begins, does clarity call to us. Not at costly summits to discuss climate change do we find answers but at the centre of our individual being.

Conferences of unconsciousness are like peace prizes for presidents: entirely illegitimate.

Mass media, society, structures, politics, appearances and words all lead further into complete madness. There is just one salvation and that is to discover your true self and from here bring consciousness to all you do.

The only sanity is inside you.

Monday, 30 November 2009


It's amazing how shifts can happen, just like that!

Energies can build and block, and then turn and find direction in an instant.

Emotions can immobilise you as they mount internally and struggle with each other, and a single incident of the seemingly slightest magnitude can suddenly move mountains.

That's how enlightenment happens. It is simply the biggest shift.

Everything is a preparation for it: your comfort with solitude and silence; the awakening of your consciousness; the finding of your true self and the standing for it in the societal storm.

As such, it is not an achievement, but something evolutionary that wants to happen and suddenly happens when you are ready. Your living is your preparation, a getting out of the way. Then the shift comes.

Other shifts happen all the time. You can be overcome by concern that has reached fever pitch, and then be relieved by a phone call, a message, a song in the background or a sign of some sort.

All the built-up energy suddenly floods towards something, and you see that the intensification and agony were all part of the process.

Shifts often happen at the least expected times in the quietest ways. They are seldom about big outbursts of emotion, although these may follow.

At the point of change, the power is too profound, too true for you to speak about it. Something has opened up and you deal with it lucidly.

The clarity is part of the shift, part of the energy moving instantly, part of things opening up. A gap is suddenly there, you are suddenly aware and ready, and you act without hesitation.

Emotion comes later, when you share the experience or release the catharsis, when you have the space and the need to process what has transpired.

Shifts are total when they happen.

Monday, 23 November 2009


Have you ever tried sinking into yourself?

That's what meditation is. It's that simple yet it is infinitely deep. It is an ongoing sinking.

You can never get enough, you can never reach the end, and you can never lose what you have found. You can never undo what you have achieved, you can only proceed from it.

No matter what you are doing out in the world, when you return to yourself, the journey continues.

Sinking happens in silence, which is where I am writing this. Silence and sinking go together. They cause and feed each other.

If you are silent, you will sink into yourself, and if you sink into yourself, you will be silent.

It is raining gently outside in the early hours of the morning, which is softly sending me deeper into myself, deeper into silence. I have been sinking all day and night, since realising that I needed to do so, and I am sinking further.

I went through layers of emotion and now I am serene. Everything has perspective. I have found myself. I have picked up where I left off.

Sinking soothes. It takes you into the darkness where everything is light. Everything is weightless. You are relieved of all burdens and released from all tensions.

In the wall-less womb of nothingness, you float freely. Only consciousness prevails, the true you. Nothing can touch you, yet you are as sensitive as a strand of silk.

You are suspended yet absolutely alive. There is no noise yet a silent hum, no death yet an ongoing freedom from form.

You sink beyond happiness into peacefulness, through sadness into silence. You are solitary yet communal, disintegrated yet solid.

Duality is in the distance, the arc of a sunrise on a planet seen with perspective. You are outer space, floating in your inner space.

You keep sinking deeper in, deeper down. You keep lifting higher up. You are nothing and everything. Deeper and higher you go. More and less you are. Softly, strongly. Home.

Sinking inspires. It takes you to source where life force floods you. You almost want to act but sinking further is more seductive, more sincere.

Sinking simply brings better results, although it is not results-driven. It is the opposite of ambition, the converse of achievement, the antidote to action. Yet it accomplishes more.

You fill with profound, ordered and patient inspiration, and you trust its process and pace of coming to pass in the world. Within yourself, in silence, doing nothing, you are your most creative.

Sinking solves. Problems evaporate as you plummet down the shaft of your inner goldmine.

Sinking enlightens.

Monday, 16 November 2009


Life really is way beyond what we know it to be.

We are kept in little containers of our minds by lids of our fears. Society, too, has us in cells.

Our passions and longings are like the sky and our actions are those of earth-bound prisoners. The pain of tension is actually the process of birth, yet we miss the blooming and choose the darkness.

Everything wants to be born and to flower. You want to send your scent into the breeze and disappear blissfully into the infinite. You want to be who you are.

There is a lid on that when there needn't be. Open up.

To lift your lids, you need to be brave. You need to take and manage risks. You need to live. You need to see past political correctness, step out from behind facades, and anchor yourself in authenticity.

You need to know what works for you and live by it, regardless of society. You need to keep finding what works for you by risking what you feel within in a wayward world without.

Observe your tensions, they are wanting to resolve, to explode into ecstasy.

Most people are lost in their tensions. They perceive them as problems and then turn to their conditionings as a way out. Their mind-messages, of course, tell them to toe the line, but that line is a mirage on the horizon they will never reach.

Where they are suffers severe shortages because they are not there, they are living in an illusion given by others They are lost in fear.

When you feel your tensions and watch them rather than identify with them, your consciousness shifts and those tensions instantaneously unravel like roses in the summer sun. Be conscious and allow yourself to flourish.

Do not fear society. Do not fear disapproval by the disapproving, that is their energy not yours.

Do not judge yourself using the template of the trapped. Do not deny your inner urges, they are instinctive and inherently intelligent.

Do not allow pain to prevent you from proceeding, stay conscious as it turns to profound pleasure.

In the absence of true knowing, people cling to their illusions, their agonies, their dramas and miseries. That keeps their lids lodged firmly in place.

They go round and round in a resentful romance with their traps, rather than lifting the lids, loosening their wings, and leaving their cocoons.

You need to be a rebel for freedom, a lover of life. You can't play it safe, you must move in the realms of risk. The most marvellous manifestations are brewing within you.

Are you in love with your lids or with being alive?

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


My days at the moment are wall-to-wall construction work. I'm not building per se but I am surrounded by builders.

I am speaking ten times more than usual, despite being a professional speaker, and I am doing so over electric drills, angle grinders, and hammers.

I am competing for a voice with loud labourers, fighting to be heard above foremen. My phone rings all day, often when I am busy with dusty decisions about finishes, cupboards, placements and payments.

This home renovation is a full-time, hardcore, hands-on business.

Yet it is a spiritual experience. The worldly is no less spiritual than the other worldly. They are one, two sides of the same mystery.

Each takes you into yourself, one indirectly and the other more obviously. It's easy to be meditative in the mountains, can you do it with a jackhammer down the hall?

Can you access the eternal, and love humanity, when twelve apostles of bricks and mortar are rearranging your sanctuary? That is the test!

I have often felt like I am failing it, or at least spending round after endless round against the ropes. But if you aren't being boxed, you might just be in a comfort zone.

Love is a verb, awakening is a hard, cold noun.

Today I did and did and did, and while I was driving back from a supplier, I had this burst of elated ecstasy that felt like a shard of sunshine from behind a rich rain cloud.

Of course, it disappeared again but I kept driving.

Synchronistically, the glazier asked me about what I do and then said that meeting me made amazing sense. He wanted to go to the Himalayas and I said that the construction site was as enlightening. Life is not an 'either/or', it is an 'and'.

You are the ultimate 'and'.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Are you in turmoil? If so, you are not the only one. If not, you probably are the only one.

Unless you are unidentified with it. Then you are awake and the turmoil is transformation.

There is so much change now that it is absurd to call it that. The assumptions required for change to apply no longer exist. What is simply is. There is no conceptual reference point. All we have is now.

All we have is experience, the existential. No mind is anything but a hindrance, a clinging, clanging curse. No-mind is anything but a hindrance, it is the opening, the way.

Presence is the antidote to turmoil. It is the ultimate outcome of it.

When you have nowhere left to turn, you finally find the moment. When you are in the moment, you have nowhere left to turn. You have arrived. You are found.

When you are present, turbulence is trustworthy. How else do you grow? How else does transformation transpire?

When you are present, turbulence is tactile and you are transcendent. The tangible doesn’t touch you, it teaches.

You want all these things. You have dreamed these dreams, and you have chosen for them to form. Now they are coming. And you, what are you doing?

Are you fighting your own evolution? Are you resisting and asking your actualisation to agonise?

Or are you watching? Are you aware, unidentified with the idiom, liberated from the language of materialisation?

Are you letting life be while you soar into crystal consciousness? Are you watching?

Presence is watching. Presence is accepting. Presence is love. Presence is rising gracefully on the warm lift of turbulence.

Presence is patience. Presence is the sky. Turmoil is transient, presence is permanent. The now is forever.

You are eternal.

Monday, 26 October 2009


People are going to tell you all sorts. Most of it has nothing to do with you.

Of course, interacting with them is part of life, a wonderful part, the counterpoint to solitude. Everyone is another facet of creation, another expression of you and the whole.

But the truth is within. Your connection with oneness is internal.

Interaction on the surface is so often a struggle, albeit dressed in pleasantries. Friends are also enemies, lovers are haters, too. The source from which to encounter life is your home inside yourself.

Here there is no struggle, there cannot be. You are simply a well into the infinite table of universal resources and beyond.

The more you go in, the more awaits you. The more open you are to your connection with source, the bigger your connection gets.

Then, whatever you need is always here. You cannot be swayed, just reflected and enriched by the external. And, no matter how the outside treats you, you will forever be a well of inspiration, insight and truth, for yourself and anyone who comes near you or your work.

Picture a spring sprouting from the earth. No matter the weather, night or day, it just keeps celebrating its origin. The clear cool water or the hot subterranean steam just keeps coming.

You can capture it or leave it, be there or miss out, and it just keeps emitting energy. It is tapped in, well welled. It does what it does not for recognition or exchange, it is simply itself, celebrating in just that.

It is naturally exhilarated, grateful for the world that receives its outpouring of love.

We are all such springs, all wells into the wonder. We are all best positioned open to the world within.

We are all a source of everything we need and of great blessings for the world around us.

Be well, be a well.

Sunday, 18 October 2009


I am ecstatic this morning. It's Sunday and I am having breakfast, reading, and enjoying the melodic sunshine.

I'm in a Portuguese restaurant and the people are beautiful, full of flavour. I am in love with everybody, especially the women!

I am preparing my house for a team of builders to arrive tomorrow and transform it. My build up of anticipatory energy has shifted and I am in the flow.

The heartbeat of the universe is pulsating through me, sending cool waves of bliss through my being.

What one needs to do for this to happen is simple.

First, drop all you know, all you have been taught, all the weight of expectation. Drop the drama and free yourself from false consciousness. Accept and embrace life as it is, in the now. Let vitality come through.

Second, express yourself in many forms, through writing and loving and building and renovating and silence. Create.

Third, stay fluid and responsive, open to the new. And that's it!

Everything you need for ebullient exuberance is within you. You just need to get your 'self', the ego, the illusion, the source of a sense of separation, out of the way.

As you do, which you can do in a moment, with a big release or a breakthrough, or as a process of surrender and progressive liberation, or both, the jollification will race though you, riding a stallion of inner peace.

Paradox will resolve in a continuing crest of surfing sublimeness. You will throb on every level with gratitude-infested lucidity, tingling and bubbling with the effervescent spring of life.

Hand yourself over to happiness.

Monday, 12 October 2009


I embrace getting frights. It's not instinctive, it takes awareness, but that's the point. That's the gift.

Frights, if you let them, can wake you up. Most other surroundings put us to sleep, and being awake is what life is all about.

Have the insight that you are going to welcome your next fright. Of course, you can't look out for it, because then it won't be a fright. You have to let go and let it happen.

Then, when it does, you can remember your realisation and respond differently.

Normally, I curse and cuss when jolted or jarred. You don't want to know what I sometimes bark at the neighbour’s dog when I am watering my garden meditatively and the mongrel yaps on the other side of the wall, amplified by the courtyard.

My body baulks and the chemicals rush through my bloodstream. But I am beyond my reflexes.

Killing the cretin or strangling the unapproachable neighbour would do me no long term good, although both seem appealing in the immediate term, so I have to make a wiser choice.

What can I take from the experience by accepting it as it is and transforming myself instead of struggling with my circumstance?

I can let it be and let myself see! I have had a slight shock. My heart is pounding. I am out of my slumber suddenly. I was asleep! I was lost in thought and the fright brought me back to reality. I can reconnect with the now.

Zen masters are known for walking around with sticks that they use to whip their disciples to wake them. Whenever the pupil drifts off out of the moment, which happens all the time, the teacher cracks him back in to presence. Alertness slowly establishes itself as a state of being.

So embrace your surroundings as a spiritual teacher.

Sunday, 4 October 2009


We have been taught to doubt ourselves.

The seeds of uncertainty were sowed unconsciously the moment we were born and scattered superficially every moment since.

Our global culture undermines us as individuals. Our consciousness has a huge hole right in the middle, which has to heal. It starts with accepting and trusting yourself.

You make mistakes, that's good and healthy. You live and learn, that's life. Understand and proceed.

Doubting yourself is the most insane state to be in. Just think about it. How can something be unsure of itself? It makes no sense, yet it is our situation.

How can we question creation? That, too, is needless and neurotic. Just be!

As soon as we do something assertive, which often comes from feeling insecure (hence the need to assert), we feel a backlash of guilt. I must be wrong. What could I have done better? How must I change to avoid this again?

All this keeps you enslaved and unrealised.

All this comes from what we have been told by insecure teachers, judgemental and unwise mentors. One moment of vigour and we return sheepishly to slumber to avoid the pain of self condemntation that we carry within us like a life-long prison warden.

We have been conditioned into cells that don't even need bars. We have self doubt all around and, more important, deep within us.

Look in to your doubt. You were right when you did what you did. You had a genuine need being expressed and not being met.

You have the right to exist and claim your space. You have the right to thrive and self actualise for a prosperous living.

You are enitirely entitled to be yourself, as you are, without reservation. With discernment and wisdom, yes, but without doubt.

Your uniqueness is your gift and your responsibility, bring it boldly into being.

Sunday, 27 September 2009


We all have a deep need to know ourselves and be known, to love and be loved. It is one of the deepest roots of our being, one that must be grown and realised.

On the surface, it may be confused with egoic pursuits of recognition, but it is much more profound than that. It is a matter of total resonance, of experiencing oneness.

If you do not meet this need, something will always be amiss and you will always feel unsettled, awry, unrealised.

No outer manifestation will reach into it, it is an inner phenomenon. You reach it by going into yourself and discovering who you are.

When you merge with yourself, the outer responds in celebration. It comes rushing towards you. This is one of the highest forms of realisation.

What is the joy of finding the truth, of realising that you are the truth, without sharing it? What is the meaning of finding the light without bringing it to the world?

What is the use of recognising the universe in yourself without the universe recognising you in return? It is only half the picture.

When you come home, you want to invite everyone, and you want to share it with everything. Your life becomes an endless housewarming party!

When you come home, everything you have thought, theorised, philosophised and prayed about disappears like dust on the wind. You and oneness realise one another and all pursuits of the mind reveal their meaninglessness for a moment before drifting away forever.

There is no God, there is only God, no you, only you. Words evaporate on musical notes of laughter into the eternal.

All of existence, all that is and ever was, congregates in the moment in a white light of pure consciousness.

Recognising yourself turns everything to love.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Form fades. It's a fact. That's its function. It forms then fades, comes then goes.

Everything comes then goes, from your breath to a butterfly, to you, to a mountain, to the solar system.

What doesn't fade? What aspect of you is formless, timeless, eternal? That aspect of you, your consciousness, is really you.

It's ironic that the only real thing is nothing. Reality has no form. Anything with form is a dream, it is not permanent.

Form is peripheral whereas formlessness is central and essential. We are formlessness with a temporary form.

It is the most marvellous delight, a rare privilege of the highest and most mysterious order. Are you enjoying your form to the full?

Are you living the adventure to find your formlessness?

Monday, 14 September 2009


Alchemy means having the Midas touch, being able to turn base elements into gold.

It means having access to the mysteries of life and being able to affect transformation. It means having tremendous value in the world by being able to put people in touch with who they really are.

It means being a catalyst, a mystic. It is a wonderful word for being yourself for a living.

Alchemy means travelling your journey and being on your path. It is a state of understanding and harmony.

Alchemy is intelligence. It looks mysterious but it is merely more alive, more experienced, more insightful, more in tune.

Your touch turns things to gold because everything passes through your consciousness, which cleanses it and gives it a sparkle.

Your awareness purifies. It puts people who come near it in touch with themselves and the clarity of creation. It makes sense of their stories.

It gives them an inner glow. They go away enriched with access to the divine. They are re-sourced.

To be an alchemist, you need to seek the riches of the world. Then you need to see the futility of these and search, rather, for your own treasure.

You need to travel far and wide until you realise that everything you have been looking for has been with you all the time. You have been going out when it is within.

Going out has eventually taken you in. Going in then brings you out. What you find makes you very rich, as you are. It also draws the world to you, as everyone wants more than anything to be themselves.

Having burned away the false elements and distilled yourself to gold, you are a pure conductor of source energy. People are pulled towards that. The whole universe and the beyond are pulled towards that.

Simply prepare yourself and spirit will find you.

The alchemy is in the quality of your being. The wealth is in finding yourself. The gift is in drawing people closer to themselves by simply sharing your presence.

In that, love is exchanged. Love leaps from one conductor and induces another.

Love is what turns everyone and everything to gold.

Monday, 7 September 2009


For the majority of people still, religion is synonymous with culture. I make a clean distinction.

Culture is beautiful. It is socially developed, rich and varied in its rightful place. But people take it too far and believe in it, applying it to deeper realms in the absence of deeper experience.

They have not tasted true religion, so they extend their social self to the realm of spirit. Many problems arise as a result.

Spirit is never discovered because they think they know it, so they never enquire and explore sincerely. They accept what they have been taught and defend it against other factions on the same level of form.

They uphold differences in the name of oneness and live in war. They also can't enjoy culture in its rightful way, which is lightly and colourfully as a collective creation.

Culture is a celebration. It is not fundamental, so it is for weaving not believing. It is a fabric, a cloth and covering, not an inner phenomenon.

So the discovery of religion does not imply the loss of culture, just the distinction between the two. What most of us see as religion is simply culture, and what is true religion is on the horizon, what we are beginning to find.

True religion, or religiousness, or spirituality, or spirit, is clear consciousness, no more and no less. It is non-denominational, uncatergorisable, universal and beyond.

Culture is created, it comes and goes, whereas spirit is eternal. If something separates and defines you, it is cultural and superficial, a function of form and diversity.

When something unifies and liberates us, it is spiritual and fundamental, a function of the formless and non-sensory.

When you differentiate between culture and religion, you can enjoy the first for what it is, and truly encounter the second. Your culture is yours, a heritage.

Religion belongs to no-one, we are an extension of it.

Sunday, 30 August 2009


Picture a baby with a loaded gun in its hands.

Bright-eyed but naive, it stares and sticks its finger down the barrel, fiddles curiously with any switches and moving parts, finds and fumbles with the mechanism, and, in no time, exercises its compulsion to pull the trigger.

Without hesitation, it does the unthinkable.

That's us, the human race. What we have in our hands, in the form of scientific knowledge and technological capacity, is almost entirely a danger to us because of our lack of commensurate wisdom to handle it.

We are causing all sorts of carnage because spiritually we are mere infants. We have an inkling that we are clueless but we are not even awake enough to see that waking up is our priority.

To shift metaphors, the telephone has stirred us, we are speaking to a paramount client, insisting aggressively that we are compos mentis, yet we are stumbling around in a slumbering stupor!

We are a walking world war, destroying the ecology, and eating ourselves from the inside through diseased consciousness.

We hear a click, wake up and watch ourselves put the phone down, then realise that we have just done something serious while deeply in a dream.

A shuddering sobriety shoots through us because we can't remember who we spoke to, what we said, and what our bodies did in our absence.

We must grow inwards to the same degree, at least, that we grow outwards. At the moment, our interiority is alien to us and our exterior is running our lives.

We have the engineering capacity to build marvellous machinery, but the car is in control. There is a newborn behind the wheel.

The head is ruling the heart instead of the right way round.

Consciousness needs to lead science and business.

Monday, 24 August 2009


Most of our lives are lived inside out.

We get an inverted pleasure from pain. We derive our meaning from martyring ourselves.

We perceive our purpose as depriving and punishing ourselves as a way of showing that life is hell. That's our way of proving that we are worthy of our misery.

It's a function of the ego to aggrandise itself through denial. It is so entrenched in our collective psyche that you have to be ultra alert to spot it.

It restores itself all the time, so you have to be awake to drop inversion and turn yourself the right way up again.

'If I die of despair-induced illness, that will show people how much they have hurt me and make them repent.' That's the kind of logic your ego likes.

It will happily kill you so that it can feel important and validated. It can't let life be what it is and live in a state of acceptance-based bliss, because then it would not exist.

Forfeiting of life equals the ego. Absence of the ego equals life. The ego is an inversion. Bliss is a restoration.

With the ego, something has gone horribly wrong, which, of course, is part of everything going perfectly right.

We have to know entirely who we are not first so that we can be who we are, with the experiential knowing of the opposite. We have to turn ourselves inside out to rediscover ourselves for real.

Have you discovered fully who you are not? Have you thoroughly lost yourself so that you can, with consciousness, emerge from the false and be true?

Can you wake up from inversion and be who you really are?

It a simple yet cryptic key to life. Until you see it, it's cryptic, when you see it, it's simple.

Nothing is too good to be you.

Sunday, 16 August 2009


People often use the sentence, 'Everything happens for a reason,' to reassure themselves and others that there is a plan or purpose behind seemingly random or inexplicable events.

It just indicates that they are not in touch. It is their socialised way of trying to get in tune. It's like a drop saying, 'Don't worry, this must all make sense on some level, I know there's an ocean out there somewhere.'

Well, of course, we are the ocean. It's not out there, it's in here and everywhere and indistinguishable from everything.

And it is orchestrated with such precision on every level and in every way that a mere mind could never fathom even a fragment of it. That would be like a strand of nano wire trying to handle the current of a power station, just for the sake of reasonable analogy.

Life is unfathomable, endless mystery. It is infinite.

Sometimes when I am feeling that I have lost touch with this knowing, when life feels empty and random and I seem to be adrift in emptiness, I remind myself of moments of synchronicity.

You know the ones I mean, when you are floating along and suddenly you see that everything is connected in the smallest details. You get a glimpse into the fabric of everything and realise that it's not that life is forsaking you but you who have separated yourself from it. Your little ego has tried to assert its importance and ironically proved its pathos.

You are not your ego identity. You cannot comprehend everything with your mind. You can, however, experience understanding with your being. So sink beneath the surface and let realisation arise.

An insight into synchronicity can put you back in tune with infinity. Step through that doorway and keep walking into your home.

Everything happens for every reason.

Monday, 10 August 2009


Attend for a moment to the lower.

Become aware of your thinking and how most of your energy is in your head. We have been drawn upwards, out of our bodies and into the mind, to the point where it dominates our reality.

With this in mind, let the energy descend. Feel the intensity seep down into your neck and shoulders and then feel it fill your chest and arms, all the way into your hands.

Keep going. Feel it in your abdomen. Be in your abdomen. Your whole upper body is now inhabited.

Feel your energy descend further into your groin. Wow, so much power there!

You have entered the neglected, denied and ostracised territory of your lower body. Welcome.

Keep going into your thighs, lingering in your lovely legs, down into your knees and calves, then your feet. Feel your feet, full of energy, firmly on the ground.

Stay there and at the same time move up again, checking in quickly with the rest of your now balanced body.

As you walk, stay in touch and keep your energy down there. Whenever you remember to, redistribute yourself again and enjoy the full feeling.

It's basic to be in your body. Breathe into it, bringing the cells alive with every intake. It should start vibrating with vitality. You should start humming with happiness.

Being head-heavy is not whole or healthy and your system can't function optimally when you are not inhabiting it. The natural buoyancy of being can't bound about in you unless you are bodily and balanced.

So ground yourself often and feel the uplifting effects.

When you draw your energy down, your body takes you up.

Monday, 3 August 2009


Are you doing what's good for business or what's right for you? Is there a discrepancy between the two?

People live on such a superficial level. 'How's business? Good?' Then life is as it should be. 'Tough?' Something needs to be done.

Work harder, work smarter, change strategy, cut costs, sell more, outwit the competition (with a smile on your face).

Is increasing income for shareholders all there is to living? Now there's a decent question!

Does perceived difficulty open your eyes and heart to what matters, or do you just do more of the same, more tenaciously and stubbornly than ever? Is business all you can think and talk about, all you care for, a shallow substitute for the life you are missing?

Is upping your income your priority or is there more of the ultimate in your field of inner vision?

After a reshuffle, are you now working for the opposition because they pay more and have perkier perks? Have you married for money? Are you paying the price?

What's right for you is good for business, otherwise you are in the wrong business. You need one that is an extension and an expression of who you are.

It must grow with you, deeper and wiser. It must be drawn up into the now, as you are, becoming more and more alive. Business is secondary at most, being is primary at least.

Is selling more important than spirit? Is productivity taking precedence over presence? Is strategy superseding surrender? Are you aggressive or aware?

Are you living in love?

I’m just asking.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


People are really struggling! They are in anguish. Yet society does not allow honesty and openness about it.

Have you ever visited some friends and found them strangely happy and bubbly but felt a strong sadness? As they talk and joke, your sense of grief and inner discord deepens, which you may feel is yours at first but begin to suspect may be part of the company.

Then you see striking discrepancies in what they are saying, contradictory messages, swings this way and that. They seem to be covering up, very well on the surface but unmistakably beneath it.

Then, when they get drunk or the party shifts or settles, they start to be more real, sharing how they are really feeling, which is not good at all.

Their torment cannot be concealed and their pretending just intensifies it, giving it another layer of dissonance. You feel the grief and the rage and the effects of their feigning, which is draining and disturbing, and they feel worse than they would if they were just forthright with themselves and the world.

But then, hung-over, regretful and insistently forgetful the next day, they pop a pill, try to pull it all together, put on their happy face and do it all over again.

If you are uprooted, you may be doing exactly this yourself.

If you are shaky, you may have moments of peace contrasted with times of turmoil in which you get swept by the prevailing fears and energies of friends and others. Your periphery will be tugged on and troubled and you may find yourself identified with it again, desperately in need of some solitude and centring.

The way to that is through the anguish, not running from it. The way back to the now is in seeing that you have left it and sitting with yourself.

If you are rooted, you will feel all the turbulence and stormy pressure to join the unhappy party, but you will sit with it and stay with yourself. A great compassion will arise from understanding.

It may be difficult to prevent yourself from pretending as the current tries to sweep you, and people may actually lash out at your reluctance to participate in patching up the pain.

Your centeredness will be a mirror to them and they may take it out on you. And then they will swing and say how much they need what you have.

Stay true and keep looking out for the propensity for pretending.

Sunday, 19 July 2009


I have just returned from a month in London and Paris, where I saw eight live concerts by some of my favourite and some of the greatest artists in living memory.

In London I also spent time with family, enjoyed a sweltering summer, cruised the best shops, and lived the high life.

In Paris, even more so. I stayed in super hotels, ate in superb restaurants, saw the sights, shopped, and was showered with gifts. There is no place like home, and now I am enjoying that.

Yet there is a ceiling to where all this worldly wonder can take you, and that ceiling isn’t very high. But you have to reach it to realise it.

I had a beautiful, growth-filled and blessed time travelling, and I am happy to be home, but I am feeling disillusioned. Somehow all the stuff out there doesn’t reach in here.

I can relish it but it cannot nourish me like I really need to be fed. So I am reaching deeper.

Disillusionment is a good thing! It is the end of illusion, a beginning. I am not hopeless, negative or pessimistic, I am relaxed, rich and happy, but I am seeing a distinction between two levels of living.

The first is the familiar where most of us subsist and struggle most of the time, essentially in emptiness. The second is our destiny.

The world can only take you so far. We are in it but not of it, so we can enjoy it but should not mistake ourselves for it. We are passing through. It is a waiting room, a preparation time for returning home, a way to know ourselves better.

Who we bring and who we leave with, or more precisely, who we really are, is who we are here to realise. What we have forgotten is what we are heading towards remembering.

The first level of existence is the one where we change. We are seeds then babies then children then young adults then older and older people. We gain and lose, live and die. We want pleasure and reject pain but have to settle for both or numbness.

The deeper level is the one where we watch. Our bodies were small and now they are different but something inside us has been consistent. Life goes up and life goes down yet part of us is unaffected. That is our home, who we really are, the truth.

One of the doorways into this truth is disillusionment. It can come through despair or wealth, or it can emerge as a gentle floating above all the noise, but it has an inevitability about it.

On one level there is the illusion and deeper down there is simple truth. To find the truth, we have to shift our emphasis from the dream out there to the life force in here.

When we find the truth, which we all carry, we have to follow it. As our roots grow, we bring new fruits into being, as the outer responds with great joy to the awakening of our inner.

When you begin to find yourself, the world opens up.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


I have woken up with the birds, here next to the common. My window is open and the air seeping in is giving form to freshness.

I am floating on it along with the songs of silence and the chipper chirps of winged first light. Summer’s in the air, everywhere I look around.

Now it is late afternoon with midday sunshine shafting through the trees and bushes as the train clicks, clacks and hisses, tossing from side to side.

I have picturesque people around me and the world on my shoulders, if I let it be. Or I am as light as air, floating freely. It depends on me, on my choices, on my now.

It depends on what part of me I choose to engage. Is everything troubled, unsolvable and exhausting? Am I choosing fear? Or is everything the way it’s meant to be, and am I just me?

Are the London rooftops derelict and dirty or quaint and character-filled? Is everyone odd or are we all even?

The leaves and clouds are beautiful. I have nothing to worry about, resist or feel separate from. I can just flow. I can allow. I can be a leaf on tranquil, moving water. I can be a cloud in a clear sky, consistent in transformation.

I can define myself not by pain induced by struggle but by non definition. I am nothingness, anonymous, invisible and silent, yet here. I am just a witness.

Now it is nightfall on the summer solstice. The day has stretched all the way and lingered a little longer. The sky is insistently blue. The night air is about to settle. Everything is suspended.

Are you breathing?

Sunday, 14 June 2009


You should invest in your ability to articulate. It is a life-changing capacity, for you and others.

It is a way of life. Articulation is a journey of knowing yourself, bringing that to the world, and evolving in relationship.

If you can express yourself clearly, you are thinking clearly. In time, your mind gets to the point where you see and understand significantly better, simply as a function of being well versed in articulation. Your capacity to live properly and make a contribution is enormously enhanced.

If you can express yourself emotively, you are more in touch with your feelings. It reaches the stage where you are generally in tune and aware, able easily to put into words, music, drawing or action what is happening inside.

Articulation can take many forms and it does you good to explore these and develop those that work for you. Come into bloom.

If you can articulate your deepest being and let your soul sing through you relationship with the world, you will be fulfilled and fulfilling for the whole of creation.

Sometimes it may be in silence, that can be the pinnacle of articulation and communion. Sometimes it will take the many forms of your talents and crafted skills.

Access, experience, voice. Share, connect, teach.

It can take years and years for writing to ripen, so you must keep doing and enjoying it, and let it happen. It can take thousands of hours with a musical instrument to get good at it so you must pick it up and get playing.

It can take try after try to tighten your articulation but there is no other place than the here and now. Start, continue, be.

Live your life through articulation, there is no shortcut to self-actualisation.

Friday, 5 June 2009


There is strength in adversity. You don't develop substance from comfort, it results from inconvenience.

Fruit forms from surviving the elements. Flowers, the pinnacle of frailty and beauty, burst out of hard buds. The strength of softness stems from stalks and seeds.

There is strength in uncertainty. The less you insist, the more you mature. Not knowing is true knowing.

Total flexibility, suspension of the self, is somehow solid. Formlessness is somehow fortified. You do not achieve wisdom, it achieves itself as you subside into it. Strength surfaces as the self disappears.

There is strength in love. Love is all, softer than a scent, denser than diamonds. Love is writing this.

Love wakes you from a dream, draws then dries your tears, lies silently with you as you float in the gentle darkness. Love is your inner light. Love learns and strength is in learning.

There is strength in simplicity. It is the culmination of complexity. It doesn't speak, it silences. It doesn't do, it simply is. It accepts, it understands.

There is strength in beauty. Blend with beauty. Trust truth.

There is strength in exhausting weakness, in stripping away falsity, in exorcising arrogance.

Strength is soft, silent and simple.

Real strength is surrender.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


At a certain point, perhaps the pinnacle of boredom with life or the pit of despair, or even the height of ecstasy, you may see that all you have been doing, one way or another, is avoiding yourself.

Every activity has been a dodging of who you are. You may have been keeping yourself busy while your life passes you by.

Sometimes you exhaust all avenues and end up with nothing fulfilling enough to satisfy your sinking spirits, nothing real enough to keep you going, nothing convincing enough to overcome the enormous argument that something inside you is having with the way you are living.

Those avenues are all avoidances, beautiful, beguiling and businesslike, and that something inside is who you are.

It knows something that you don't but are bound to find out, even if it is only in your dying moments. It can be put off for a lifetime but eventually you will sit with it.

Perhaps and preferably, you will face it sooner rather than later. You will sit somewhere silently and just let it be.

You will not reach for the TV remote, not get up to work, not drink, smoke or have sex. You will not bury yourself in a book, not clean the house, and not tackle that endless to-do list again.

You will not shop, eat or even listen to music. You will stop talking, stop pushing, stop trying. For once, you will just sit.

Sit with yourself. Let yourself be. Let life be. Do not run away, do not resist.

Do not act on the urge to get going again. Do not. Just sit.

It can feel like hell at first but when you have avoided so much that avoiding feels worse, sitting is all you have left. Then even hell is a welcome relief.

It is the doorway to life that you have turned away from, now opening.

Sitting with yourself is the start.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


The more aware you become, the more sensitive you will be, and the more attuned to discomfort you will be, too.

Of course, your relationship with discomfort will then evolve.

When you are unconscious, your discomfort will rule your life. You will act on it without being aware that you are doing so or even feeling it.

You will be identified with and lost in the layer of your being where urges and actions are synonymous. You will also be susceptible to manipulation, deliberate or otherwise, by others, the media, social forces and the like.

Discomfort is part of life and the more accepting you become generally, the more at home you will be with the tides of duality. You will not resist them and you will not be swept by them either.

You will be increasingly centred. The world will carry on around you and you will be the inner silence. The wheel will keep turning and you will be the hub.

From here you will allow energies to move, to build up and release. You will understand discord and euphoria to be different states of the same flow, the same discomfort, and you will attach yourself to neither. You will just watch and allow. You will be free and wise.

The trick with discomfort is to be aware of it first, then to let it go. Nothing lasts forever, or even for very long, so there is no need to panic, fight or try to change what you perceive as circumstance.

Just let it be and let it move through. Immediately as you do, it will feel different and begin to shift. Sooner or later, it will reveal its potential.

See it, sit with it detached from it, and discomfort will turn into transformation.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Watch yourself. As you go about your day, watch what you do. Be the doer but be the observer, too.

Gradually, the observer will become more prominent until the weight has shifted from the unconscious self to pure consciousness. Watching will put you in touch with presence.

Watch your thoughts. They are not you, although you have identified yourself with them for so long.

They are little impulses of energy, pictures on a screen, mental sounds and words, but they are not your consciousness. They float or flash within your consciousness but you are the container not the contained. You are the observer, not the observed.

Watch your feelings. They are deeper than thoughts but they are still the object when you are the subject. Watch them come and go. Watch them rise and fall, go up, down, left and right.

They are e-motions, energy in motion, but they are not you. They are intense, experientially overwhelming sometimes, but you are the awareness that transcends them. You can enjoy and use them and, through them, know yourself, but you are not their slave.

Watch your habits and learned reactions. Watch your susceptibility to the influence of others, plus the insecurity and self-doubt on which it is based.

Watch the part of you that gets irritable and can be pushed and pulled around by circumstance. See the part of you that seems separate from existence.

Watch more and more, and bring yourself back to watching every time you remember to.

Use opportunities when you have to wait for whatever reason to become more of the watcher and turn 'wasted' time into the most profound spiritual growth.

Watch yourself in everything you do because the one who is watching is the real you.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I have never surfed in the sea, so I am speaking metaphorically with no existential authority about the metaphor.

Just thought I would make that clear upfront. If that precludes me from sharing my insight in your eyes, perhaps now is a good time to swim to shore. I am going to take the risk and keep writing.

Writing is, in many ways, like surfing.

You make your way out into the ocean, which is the great universal sea of consciousness. You are vulnerable but, somehow, through surrender to the whole, and through awareness, you are able to stay afloat.

You are alone but all one, both at once. It is not up to you whether you surf or not but you head out and prepare yourself anyway. It’s very likely that sometime you will be in the write place at the write time and a wave will find you.

You know how to surf to some degree, no matter your level of experience, and you are at the same time clueless, also regardless of your ability. It’s paradoxical but creative tension is your territory.

Sometimes something happens immediately, or you even head out seeing beforehand that there is motion in the ocean.

Sometimes there are no swells to speak of, so you wait. You float and feel and let yourself merge with the enormous mystery.

Then, when a wave swells, you spring into action, stand up on your keyboard and, using your skill, instinct, and alertness, and in boundless and humble delight, you ride it home.

Surfing must be like writing in many ways. You can’t predict it, you can’t control it, but you can work with it.

You need all your wits about you but it’s not you who does it. You are always learning. If you think, you fall, so you have to flow. It’s a way of life.

Now and then you find yourself on a crest.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Pain is how we really learn.

You can study something or work to remember things, but to truly transform, you must pass through pain. Pain is the portal.

There is the pain we choose, the sting we induce by selecting certain perceptions and behaviour. From this we sooner or later learn that we have the power to make of life what we want.

We have the freedom to experience and make of it what we will. We are creating in every moment and when the payoff of pain becomes too costly, we drop it. Pain helps us see.

There is the pain we do not choose, the agony that arises from being born, living and dying. This pain is an even bigger and more beautiful teacher.

It breaks down the constructs we cling to, shatters illusions and strips away our form. It is the labour of the mother and the arrival of the child, both of them ourselves. It is the deep joy of total living.

It is in pain that we surrender. It is from pain that we stop and reconsider. It is through pain that we sit with ourselves.

It is in acceptance that pain subsides. It is from growth that pain reveals its blessings. It is through transformation that pain releases us.

Look back and all the growth for which you are most humbly grateful has its roots in pain. It truly is the most gracious gift.

Pain is healing.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Are you looking for ways to resolve life? Can you feel within yourself an inclination to wrap things up?

Are you uncomfortable with process and the energy of presence?

Are you trying to hold existence in your tight little grip and squeezing the life out of it for yourself?

I noticed this in myself this morning while working with a client and glancing briefly at the backdrop of some personal relationships at the moment.

I wanted to interpret them conclusively and reach some settlement. I could see, though, that this was just my urge.

The relationships are what they are and life is what it is. I cannot fathom it and I cannot control it, but I can live it.

I don’t want to fathom or control it and I do want to live it, so I let it be. People are who they are, where they are. The whole is what it is and I am who I am, here and now.

There is no resolution in that but there is great freedom. All I need to do is be, and everything will be as it should be. It’s simple.

The urge to resolve is a resistance to what is, an emphasis of the self over the whole. It is a function of mind, which does not like creative tension or surrender.

Mind likes control and the sense that it is not only the centre of the universe but the omnipotent container of everything! When you become aware of it, through seeing your urge to resolve, or any other way, you become conscious.

When you are conscious, you allow the mystery to sweep you with it.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Have you ever considered that life is change, always in the direction of the evolutionary impulse of the universe?

Have you considered that all is absolutely good and that change is always for the even better?

Have you realised that your resistance to it is a misinterpretation of the nature of life, and the cause of your agony?

We get in the way of growth and realisation. Through unconsciousness, we self-sabotage.

We prefer where we are, which is usually relatively miserable, to what beckons mercilessly with the ever dawning now. We resist growth.

Hear that. We continually resist the inevitable, the essence of life. We resist who we are.

Like toddlers asserting the discovery of the word ‘no’, we stay small by trying to be big. We affirm our egos at the expense of our intelligence, happiness and self-actualisation.

Some go large and do it with wars, corporate towers and bold brands. Others are even more ‘successful’ by denying themselves all pleasures. The biggest resisters are passive aggressive.

Surrender to life. Let yourself grow. Allow your wonder to manifest.

Stop denying yourself everything you have ever dreamed of. That is the only real choice.

Resisting your magnificence is a false assertion, a stupid victory, another turn on the recurring cycle of realising that you can truly live without worry.

Ongoing change is the pinnacle of being, and it is happening.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


There is only one way you will be content in life, and that is to be yourself.

Goals and their achievement, money, status, respectability, power, and everything external will be a painful distraction, a detour.

You will go through it and then still be unfulfilled and eventually find the truth. Be yourself.

Accept and love who you are, as you are. Immediately contentment arises. The struggle with acceptance is one of the biggest yet simplest barriers in the human condition.

Awakened people throughout history have pushed themselves to the very limit to get past their falsities and finally surrendered, at which time enlightenment has descended upon them. Accept and love yourself.

Allow the seed within you, the life force that has you here in the first place, to germinate and bloom. Give it freedom and fertilise it to flourish. That is the other key.

First, be yourself as you are. Second, allow your being to fully be, for a living.

The blossoming and flowering of your being brings the only true contentment.

Thursday, 2 April 2009


Life in all its wondrous intensity is best savoured sober.

It is best responded to in a clear headed state.

It is intoxicating enough without the cloudiness of indulgence getting in the way.

It is a matter of life and death every moment and should be addressed with the utmost presence.

I am a sentimental fool by inclination, which can make my living rather romantic. I can see life in rosy hues and seek to do so.

I catch myself injecting legend into every encounter, either positive or negative, with a hunger for the former and default propensity for the latter. It can make for a distorted and unnecessarily rocky ride, plus it is unrealistic.

There is nothing lacking in the real. Romanticising it arises from an egoic need to add personal significance to the story, when there is no need for personal significance or story.

Life is whole, complete and total. As you become conscious of the urge to enhance it, the fictitious and dramatic self subsides, which allows life to reveal its true nature.

Life is clean and crisp, not drugged and drowsy. It is vast and open, yet full.

You are in it but not of it, looking down like the sky while walking barefoot in the sand. When you are aware of the transcendent and the tactile at the same time, life is both overwhelmingly fulfilling and distantly detached. Life is beautifully balanced.

As you mature, your need to sedate or stimulate your experience should subside. To make the most of your living opportunity, grow in presence and let life be what it is.

Stay sober and relish in consciousness all that life has to offer.

Friday, 27 March 2009


There are some rose bushes in my garden, visible from my window. They just do not stop flowering!

One after the next, the new shoots rocket from the plant, buds form and explode into fragrant and colourful wealth.

The roses just want to bloom, to flourish. Just as they come like fireworks into the sky, so they go too, losing their thrust and falling away into dust. But before they are gone, more are coming, fresh and abundantly alive.

Life does not stop. It cannot come to an end. It can fall away in one form so that more can find form, but life itself is infinite.

The real you cannot die, you can only keep flowering.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Are you postponing your life?

Do you tell yourself that you have plenty of time to do all you want to? Are you using logic to override immediacy?

Logic is a problem! It does not overlap with presence. You are either here now or living in your head.

If you are thinking, you are missing. If you are being, you will move with the moment. You will not postpone.

One moment of being is worth more than many lifetimes of missing. And you are living a lifetime of missing! You are thinking and talking yourself out of living.

You can be here now, so feel it. Seize the moment by filling it. Access the ultimate, the essence in the now and live like there is no other.

It is not a comparison between thinking and being, because comparing is thinking. You are either there or here and when you are here, there is meaningless.

When you are there, here is lost. Be here, be here now.

If you had just one day to live, all the trivialities with which you occupy yourself would fall away and you would do what matters. You would connect with your essence.

So do it now anyway as if you have only the now. You do!

Trivialities are a way of avoiding. They are a postponement. You are choosing the payoffs of martyring your life for being egoic, of choosing to be right rather than happy.

You are putting process above presence. You are missing. You have a handful of arguments but you know it's true.

Postponing your life is not living it or loving yourself, plus it spreads a resistant rather than reverent energy to others.

Friday, 6 March 2009


Love is silent, unspoken. If you are filled with it, you will be quiet.

If you are sharing it with someone, you will not be voicing it. You will both know it, feel it, and be it, but you will not be saying it.

‘I love you’ almost always means something else. It may mean, ‘I want something from you’ or ‘I feel guilty’.

I could also mean, ‘I am scared’ or ‘Please don’t hurt me’.

It seldom if ever accompanies true love. So watch yourself when you say it, and see the process of it.

Then move deeper into yourself until you realise that you are pure love. There you will emanate it and never have to put it into words.

Words and what we have understood to be love both exist on the superficial plane of our awareness, on the circumference. We have lived there as a species and identified with who we are not.

If there are no words for something, we doubt or miss its existence. If we feel something powerful, we try to put it into words to validate it.

But love is the very nature of everything in and around us. It is the eternal, the mystery, the creative force, the evolutionary impulse. Love is the space between everything.

Love is all. You cannot put that into words. If you are in words, you are not in love.

From love you may occasionally use words but those words will have a totally different quality to them. They will be an extra sprinkle of stardust around the adoring and compassionate gratitude filling and surrounding you.

Once you distinguish between process and presence, you are through the gate and on your way home.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Slowing down

Lately I have found myself doing a few things at once.

I have spotted errors in e-mails when I revisit them. I have woken in the morning with a mind as busy as when I went to sleep.

I have found myself caught up in ego, feeling inflated about all the good that is happening rather than simply good.

My false self is trying to make this all about him. He is finding ways to do so because I have been moving too fast and drifting out of touch with my core.

My head has been too full and I have been resident in it. It has been controlling me, rather than taking its rightful place in a balanced being.

My reality has not been radiant, it has been dreamlike. Too much has been happening too quickly and I have not been here now.

I have been craving chocolate! There has been an urge to take time out and another to speed up, and I have been unsure of which to follow.

I am here writing now, which is a good sign. I am writing about slowing down, which is an even better one.

Slowing down, right down, is the solution. There is no need for speed. In slowness, there is presence. In awareness there is grace.

I am finding myself, hearing the birds, breathing the breeze.

Outside it is late summer, not to be missed. There is a stillness about, not to be missed.

Everything is perfect, with no need to rush or push or struggle or doubt or fear, not to be missed.

The here and now is here and now, not to be missed.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Things to do before you die

I often see lists of life experiences to have before your time is up.

There are books and occasional newspaper articles giving suggestions. All of them, though, are things out there, places to go and worldly experiences to have.

None of them address or even acknowledge the ultimate. None of them talk about what’s in here.

This is indicative of the consciousness from which we are emerging. Our lives so far have been about the external.

Amazing as the external is, it is not that important. Without experiencing it from an internal presence, it is largely meaningless.

Outside experiences are like drugs if we have no home inside. They are a substitute, and any highs they bring are sensory rather than spiritual.

What is the Grand Canyon but a reflection if you are empty within? What is the Amazon river if you are not flowing home to your soulful sea?

What is a trip around the world worth if you cannot take the journey into your inner mystery for free?

Why does a men’s magazine feel that it is more important to date an older woman, ask for a raise and catch a fish than to discover your true self?

Why does it encourage readers to do reams of silly things and leave out the only one that is real?

We all know why! The publishers and readers are lost. Idiots. Sad but true.

I say there is only one thing you should do before you die and that is be yourself. Swim into your inner depths and explore who you really are.

Find yourself. Find presence and allow it to fill your life. Then you will not have wasted it.

Be blissful and all you do in the world will be a bonus.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Your energy is your own. It belongs first to you.

If you choose to give it, wonderful, because energy in motion is love and life. But first you must feel it for yourself.

I am back to writing. I have been working with clients for the last week, thriving on different aspects of what I do, and so I have not been disposed to being a writer.

With all the doing and interacting has come a fatigue that brings me back to quiet solitude. Here I find myself writing again.

If I do not write, my life goes awry. If I am not in the space for writing, I need to get back to it quickly because it has become central to my well being.

In fact, the space in which I write is well being. It is this space that I take out into the world and that reaches out to people.

I am back where my energy is my own, mine to merge with and enjoy. I am my best company.

When deprived of my own resources, I begin to give from the surface. This is exhausting and a sign that I am starting to run out of reserves. I need to come home and be with myself again.

My energy is my own. It belongs first to me. I must feel it for myself, which I am doing.

Time for breakfast and a quiet day.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Can you feel it?

Can you sense that there are different dimensions to your being? Tune in for a moment.

Can you see that there things out there? Things to do, things to think about. There seems to be an endless stream of things needing you.

Can you feel that you are not only on the level of things, of form? There is something behind that.

Can you become aware that you are really just consciousness? Your consciousness ‘in here’ is the backdrop to the things ‘out there’.

When you stay in touch with your consciousness, you do not get lost in things. You do not identify with them or feel that they have taken over your life.

When you stay in touch with the conscious dimension of your being, you maintain perspective. You bring a quality of insight and wisdom to the things out there.

Time opens up and you do not run around in a spin. Synchronicities increase and more happens in the natural flow rather than through your frantic efforts.

You are calmer, more alert, discerning and resourceful. You trust your own and the greater intelligence, which comes through more in what you do.

The way to find the spiritual dimension to your being is to tune in to the space between things. There are the things and then there is the space between them.

You are really the space between. You are really presence. Tune in to the now and find your true self in it, which is synonymous with infinite space.

Things come and go, space is eternal. With awareness of space, you bring a quality of the eternal to the things.

Your work goes to a whole new level and you are much happier and more effective.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Spiritual Growth

You cannot pursue spiritual growth. It is not a goal.

If you make it into one, you miss it. It then becomes an occupation for the ego and spiritual growth happens beyond ego.

It is not an achievement. It may take tremendous and sustained work, careful attention day by day throughout your life, yet it is not an accomplishment. That, too, is of the ego.

Spiritual growth may be the essence of your life but it is not of your doing. It happens of its own accord.

The more it happens, the less you are there. The more you surrender, the more it happens.

When your spirit is thriving, you are at one with it, not separate, and so there is no ‘I’ and no ‘me’.

All you have to do is get out of the way for spiritual growth to happen. It is inborn to flourish and most of what we know as life or living is merely us getting lost in trivial pursuits.

These trivial pursuits then also become part of spiritual growth, albeit indirectly. The more lost we get, the greater potential there is to rediscover the truth.

The more agony we induce by being separate, the greater the possibility becomes for a breakthrough to oneness through presence.

Spiritual growth does not result from fasting, abstaining and depriving. It comes from being natural, total and in tune.

It does not arise from ritual, chanting, following someone or obeying. Trying these things is just a detour on the way back to yourself, which is where spirituality lives.

Spirituality is not belief, it is being, here and now.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Why do we have ideals? What function do they serve?

Ideals are not good! They are created by the mind, the most superficial and least mature part of our being. They are at the root of misery.

People who say that we need ideals to grow and improve ourselves are wrong. Our capacity to grow is inborn, there is no need to do anything about it but let it take its natural course by living freely and joyfully.

Each human is a seed full of potential that will manifest if they are allowed and encouraged to be themselves.

People who believe in ideals do not believe in people. Mental constructs are their gods and they see themselves and others in a negative light relative to these. Their view is that people would be lazy, useless and destructive if not given social or religious guidelines.

The opposite is true. Social structures destroy the individual. They put the mind and the past above the soul and the present. Their effect is to undermine innate intelligence and beauty and limit the natural growth we are all here to experience, enjoy and share with everyone else.

Ideals create a gap between who we are and who we ‘should’ be. The bigger the gap, the bigger the pain.

Bliss comes from acceptance and integration. It comes from growing naturally, vibrantly and freely, and from love of who we are.

Why not drop your ideals and be yourself?

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


It is a Tuesday morning in January. The summer solstice has passed and the cool hint of approaching winter has been in the air since.

The tide has turned. It is melancholy in midsummer with the promise of reprieve from too much magnificence.

My doors and windows are wide open and outside the grey sky is pouring down. The music inside is the perfect accompaniment. I am so moved.

Rain brings joyful scents and stirring moods, soaking the earth and my soul with adoration. Music distills from the same place, precipitating like blessings from the eternal.

Birds are back on the lawn now that the sky water has subsided, celebrating the bread I put out for them, flapping, hopping and chirping colourfully, almost as happy as me.

And the music, oh, the music!

Sometimes you can write like rain, for no reason at all.

Thursday, 22 January 2009


Are you being original in what you say and do? Are you being yourself?

It is easier said than done. There, I’ve just used a cliché.

Language is an external construct that we learn and then use with our personal voice, and so it is not truly original. But it is prudent to use language consciously and to speak truthfully.

To articulate your experience your way, you need to pay attention. You need to be alert to pressures of conformity and collective thinking.

Are you a clone? Are you picking up sayings because someone else, who picked them up like the clap, is slinging them around? Cute as they may be, they may not be you. Woo hoo! They may feel fun but do you just use them to impress? But I digress...

No, I don’t! That’s another right there that many people use in their writing. Why digress, especially in written form? Why then admit to it instead of editing the detour out? Why think it’s funny?

Maybe the first person who said it was ingenious and hilarious, but on every other blog? Rather find your own voice.

Tune in and speak sincerely. Write the real thing. Make it a meditation. Presence and spontaneity draw you towards originality and thinking takes you away from it.

Be aware of the superficial self and its propensity for mimicry. Let it go, and go deeper.

Feel what you feel and let words find themselves for expressing it. Say those instead. Why? Ooh, that’s one of my least favourite!

Writing and speaking are living art, make them original.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Life is not a business. Living is not a trade.

The important things have no value and are at the same time priceless. So if you understand them in terms of exchange, you miss their essence and make them mundane.

If you give love and expect something in return, it is not love that you give and it is not true giving.

If you do things because you want something back, you are living an ego-based existence, dependent on other people for your fleeting happiness.

You are mired in manipulation. Everything in your life becomes conditional. And that’s no fun!

It makes you just a merchant, market-bound and missing the natural wonder. Tallying is your religion and feeling cheated an inevitable consequence.

That, of course, makes you prone to sneaking a little bit extra here and there for yourself. And why not? You aren’t getting anything true or beautiful from the transaction.

Next thing death comes and it doesn’t do business, it just declares you bankrupt. Everything breaks even in the end and if you didn’t realise that along the way and live for the miracle not the money, you missed out with no refund.

If you tried to conduct your relationships as an enterprise, you realise that you let those pass you by, too. Most of all, your inner wealth went untapped.

Ironically, when you live with unconditional love, giving for the sheer joy of it without expecting anything in return, and being happy and fulfiled in your own being, the harvests are boundless.

Life’s a celebration not a struggle, a dance not a deal.