Friday, 20 July 2018


Let yourself be loved. The universe wants to love you. Life wants to reward you for being here and ravish you with appreciation. People want to give you gratitude and affection. Everything and everyone is delighted and overflowing. The only barrier is you. Let love in.

Let your guard drop and your armour fall to the floor. Let your tenderness soak in the warm sunshine. Let your realness reign and feel the fresh air against your tingling skin. Hear the music on the breeze and let your heart sing along. Allow love to take control of your being.

Let life take care of you. It brought you here in the first place and is carrying you all the way home. Let it fill you along the way. Don’t stand in its way and don’t hold up a wall. Don’t maintain your pain or justify your jaundice. They are more than valid but all part of the process! Love is the process. Let love in.

We are traumatised by life experience. We are alienated from ourselves by hurt and social conditioning. There is a wedge between us and the wide and wonderful world, a barrier that breaks us into separate bits. We feel like we exist in isolation. There is a cynical, doubtful self that stays clear of perceived danger and protects itself at the expense of wellness. Will I get hurt? I always have been. Will I feel abandoned? That’s my core theme. Will I allow love to have its way? I don’t even know what that is anymore. It’s a common tale that we all can tell.

But love is the way. Love is baking us from all directions, hot and keen to get in. Love is the eternal summertime surrounding us with rich opulence. Love is also aching to get out. Love is our essence and our fragrance, a soulful flower keen to continuously bloom. It must be shared so that we may be free and happy. It must come in and go out all the time. Let yourself love and be loved.

Let the truth prevail.