Thursday, 26 September 2019


There’s a new way to be, a new humanity. It’s not new to me but I’m feeling it freshly. I’ve been personifying it steadily since late last century and bringing it to the global community, yet it is still coming to me, ever-more amazingly. It’s reached a zenith of clarity as it tips into universal reality. The rest is history. I’m so happy. 

Like a lotus rises from the mud, so an enlightened species is emerging from the madness. Like a phoenix is born from the ashes, so a transformed consciousness is coming out of the cremated remains. Like the new needs the old to die, so the discontinuous human is surprising itself. 

I’ve written this body of books along the way to usher it all in. Here’s your ticket and your seat. Stand tall and enjoy the whole experience.

Fullness prevails now.