Thursday, 18 May 2017

Understanding Illness

Illness brings you back to who you are. It returns you to the truth. It takes you forward, in quantum leaps, to who you need to be. It precipitates seismic shifts into the new, and back to the real.

Illness reveals secrets you have been unable or unwilling to hear. It stops being discreet and says it like it is, taking a whisper on the wind and using it to blow down your door. It scatters your attachments like dead leaves around the otherwise-ignored corners of the garden.

It weaves you into a cocoon and then drives you to break your way out of it. By making you die, it teaches you to fly. When you look around you are reborn as who you always had inside.

You were never really ill. You were always on course. Now you know. 

You keep transforming.