Monday, 6 September 2010


Dear readers of my blog

This is a quick update so that you do not think that I have disappeared or stopped writing.

I was away on holiday recently and I have taken a break from what has been my usual style of writing for the last few years. Hence, no blog posts for a while.

I am actively not writing the way I was doing, as I feel like a change. Who knows where that will lead, but it will be for the better. Whatever happens next will be new.

My energies have, as a result, been invested into other areas of my overall endeavour, including my new book, DEEPER INSIGHTS, which will be out in October 2010. Certain posts from this blog appear in it, with a whole lot more. So look out for that ...

The first book in the series, INSIGHTS, will be re-issued at the same time with a new cover to fit with the other two, so look out for that, too.

And look out for something new here soon. I will be back.

Robin :-)