Saturday, 28 May 2016


The universe has created just one of you, just one in all of existence. Your specificity is assured and asserted, a special gesture of creation. 

No matter who has lived before and what they have done in their lives, you are still obligated only to your uniqueness, your own singular self. Your job is not to imitate in any way. You are bound to your own being. 

Your work is to be yourself. Your salvation is in fully realising who you are.

Each individual is here to fulfil their particular function, not to follow the way or precedent of anyone else. If someone suggests that you simulate them, they are not a true teacher. 

A master turns you back onto yourself and leaves you to find and define your own personal path. A sincere source of insight knows that you are your own source, and they insist that you live your personal and incomparable piece of perfection. 

Imitation is for frauds and fools.