Thursday, 24 August 2017

Processing Emotions

People don't know how to process emotions. This is a big problem. How can you live rightly if you don't know how to feel? You will block and deny what you do feel, endure endless inner conflict, and act that out wherever you go.

How can you relate to others if you are not aware of and managing what you are feeling, or when you are acting out your intrinsic war? How can you thrive or connect if you are repressed? Your life will be superficial and your effect on others will be destructive. Emotions are essential elements of wellness. 

Emotional wellness dictates the quality of our lives. It defines our intimacy by allowing us access to it. The degree to which we are one with ourselves determines our openness to others and to existence as a whole. Feeling is fundamental. 

Face your feelings. Let them be there fully. Let yourself feel. Let the energy move through and reveal its magical messages. Be alive on every level.

Allow the doors to be open and the life force to flow. You will thrive on another level altogether. You will be yourself and bond with others. You will see clearly and connect properly.

You will be, deeply.