Sunday, 5 November 2017

Bringing Down Walls

We live in a world of walls. We are surrounded and defined by them. Our perceived individuality is a function of them and our personalities are forms of them.

We are closed in by constructs of which we are largely and insistently unconscious. We put and keep these walls up. Have a look.

When we see them, they dissolve. We realise why we have put them up and we remember our oneness behind the barriers. We live the high of freedom and reunion. Healing happens when the walls come down.

We don't want to be closed. We have cut ourselves off to protect ourselves from pain, to keep danger out, and to try to keep vulnerability in. But we have created bigger troubles than we have saved ourselves from. 

We are lonely and isolated. We are sad and sore. We look strong and safe but we are broken and miserable. Walls are the way we have set up this suffering.

We want to be open. We want to merge with the oneness. We want to reconnect and truly live. We want to be successful in our natural state. We want to be happy and barrier-free. We want to be ourselves for a living. 

We can and we are. It hurts but the constructs are crumbling. It's scary but the structures are subsiding. It's revolutionary but it's rudimentary. The transformative time in history here. 

High walls are making way for high humans.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Working with the Inner

Do the inner work. There is nothing more worthwhile within, and no better endeavour for affecting the outer. 

Go in and face what's there. Feel it, see it, let it be and allow it to unravel. Surrender to the awakening that it provides. It reveals everything you need to know and carries the timeless truth within it. It also shows the way in the world and makes you ready to encounter it. The inner is the way.

The work is the way. Life is work, in gratitude and giving. It is a blessing to be here unpacking who we are and sharing it with the world. Work is how we actualise and give service. 

Work is art, love and joy. Work is making a difference. 
Inner work is tuning in and sitting with what's there. It is letting go into the vortex pulling us ever towards it, without releasing awareness. It means never letting go of awareness. 

Watch whatever happens wherever you go. Always be allowing the watcher to be growing from every experience. Every experience is an intensification of watching. You will one day watch yourself die. 

You are always watching yourself die. Be increasingly aware of it. Everything is you dying. This is true living! Every moment is the burning up of everything. The world is on fire. Your physicality is a flame. Watch it. 

This is the work. This is the fun. This is the magical mystery. This is the deepening of being. This is the settling into who you really are.

This is the awakening. 

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Processing Emotions

People don't know how to process emotions. This is a big problem. How can you live rightly if you don't know how to feel? You will block and deny what you do feel, endure endless inner conflict, and act that out wherever you go.

How can you relate to others if you are not aware of and managing what you are feeling, or when you are acting out your intrinsic war? How can you thrive or connect if you are repressed? Your life will be superficial and your effect on others will be destructive. Emotions are essential elements of wellness. 

Emotional wellness dictates the quality of our lives. It defines our intimacy by allowing us access to it. The degree to which we are one with ourselves determines our openness to others and to existence as a whole. Feeling is fundamental. 

Face your feelings. Let them be there fully. Let yourself feel. Let the energy move through and reveal its magical messages. Be alive on every level.

Allow the doors to be open and the life force to flow. You will thrive on another level altogether. You will be yourself and bond with others. You will see clearly and connect properly.

You will be, deeply. 

Friday, 28 July 2017

Up Your Standards

Up your standards. Stop putting up with anything that isn't up where you belong. 

You know you should be up there with the knowing you have always had. You know you have compromised yourself your whole life into a compromised position. 

You know its the way of the world but you know even more that you have given way to it. You know that's why nothing is working as it's supposed to. You know you are fed up with people's nonsense.

You know that it's up to you to make things right.

The world can't give you what's in keeping with your worth when you keep selling yourself short. You can't get what you deserve when you keep giving up on your inherent standards. 

I know it's tremendously tough to stand your ground, to overcome the pain inside and be firm. I know, too, that you simply have to find a way, and that you can. You will be bullied at every turn until you learn your lesson. You are worth standing up for. 

Up your standards to where you feel met. You won't be at peace until you do. And met you will be. The immediate and wider world will have no option but to deal with you as you present yourself. 

People may throw tantrums at first but they will respect, admire and emulate you. Everyone wants the same for themselves. Up your standards for you and for everyone.

See you in the sky.

Monday, 17 July 2017

When you have had enough

When you have had enough, really had enough, you will do something new. 

When you have had enough, really had enough, you will take responsibility for yourself and face your feelings. 

When you have had enough, really had enough, you will stop blaming the outside and let what's inside reveal itself. 

When you have had enough, really had enough, you will be real.

When you have had enough, really had enough, you will allow the pain to pass through and the revelation to rise. 

When you have had enough, really had enough, you will understand forgiveness and be eternally grateful for your whole experience.

When you have had enough, really had enough, you will finally hear and respect yourself, and do the same for other people.

When you have had enough, really had enough, you will take no more nonsense from any person - human, legal or corporate.

When you have had enough, really had enough, you will change the world. 

When you have had enough, really had enough, you will awaken.

When you have had enough, really had enough, you will be free.

When you have had enough, really had enough, you will do all of this without doing anything at all. 

When you have had enough, really had enough, you will find out who you are. 

When you have had enough, really had enough, you will be yourself for a living.

When you have had enough, you will be happy.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Many articles, blogs and books are helpful and worth reading. It's essential, however, not to get lost in their message, even the best of them.

No-one's voice is truer than your own. No-one's knowing is more right for you than yours, no matter who they are. No-one's insight should draw you towards them more than it takes you into your own illumination. 

Everyone has something to offer and each is a teacher. We are interdependent and all one, learning from one other all the time.

But no-one is helpful unless they get you to hear and trust yourself.

Hear and trust yourself.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Forget Productivity

Forget about output and efficiency. Let go of that entire paradigm.

Drop the tension that comes with measuring performance and trying constantly to measure up. Relax, trust, create and live in a natural and healthy way. You will produce much more, without trying or compromising, and it will be of an altogether different quality.

It will be essential, elemental and authentic. It will be sincere and unique. It will be your life’s work. It will be you.

You will be steadily happy, no matter what oscillations you are taken through for the unfolding of your inner myth in the evolving world. You will stay blissful because you are on course. You will know joy because you are being true. 

The mad world can run its course and you will be here when it’s ready to heal and be healthy. You will be teaching away by your very being. You will be needed and appreciated.

You will be richer than ever.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Understanding Illness

Illness brings you back to who you are. It returns you to the truth. It takes you forward, in quantum leaps, to who you need to be. It precipitates seismic shifts into the new, and back to the real.

Illness reveals secrets you have been unable or unwilling to hear. It stops being discreet and says it like it is, taking a whisper on the wind and using it to blow down your door. It scatters your attachments like dead leaves around the otherwise-ignored corners of the garden.

It weaves you into a cocoon and then drives you to break your way out of it. By making you die, it teaches you to fly. When you look around you are reborn as who you always had inside.

You were never really ill. You were always on course. Now you know. 

You keep transforming.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Keeping it close

Keep it close. Your precious energy, keep it close. Keep it close to your chest, close to your core. Keep it central and centred.

Keep it where it serves you solidly instead of being sucked up by circumstance. Don't let the vampires siphon your sacred sauce. Keep it where it accumulates in readiness for opportunity.

Retain your power and let the world come to you. Chance favours the resourceful. Keep yourself ready.
Everything always changes. Keep this understanding close. No matter what is happening, it will shift, and that will transpire relatively quickly. A masterful moment-dweller knows this well. A magician keeps this close. 

Do not fret over pressure. It's here to keep you close to yourself. When it shifts you will be grateful for your wisdom. Amazing movement will emerge and you will be wiser than ever.

Sit it out and watch. Do not dissipate under duress.

Keeping it close is key.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Finding your level

There's a level at which you ought to be operating. You won't work well at any other stratum. You may not have the courage or the confidence to pitch yourself appropriately, and you may be fiercely frustrated with your stubborn stasis, so you are confronted with finding your fit and frequency before you can flow.

What can you do but grapple with your sense of self until you set it straight? Everything will revolve around adjusting until it slots into sync. All endeavours will push you to be who you are meant to be, despite all doubt, resistance and attachment. All experiences will edge you towards alignment.

Everything will make you edgy until you find your groove, at which point you will disappear and the music will make itself. This will be at your level.

You will take shots at it and fall short, not because you are unable to reach it but because you still can't see yourself in the right way. Your attempts are how you test yourself and the waters. They are essential experiments and experiences that grind and grow you into your fit.

That interview you go for, that article you write and send to an aspirational publication, that creative angle that comes to you spontaneously and inspires you to see and take a gap that opens up in front of you...

The universe and your higher self are conspiring to let you prove yourself. You are by far the toughest critic to overcome. It takes all you have, and it takes surrender to the same degree. You cannot force it and you cannot give up on it but you have to go through both repeatedly before you find it.

You can't just fake it either. Your level will elude you at every turn yet await you wherever you look. If you are sincere, you will go through hell but you will eventually shift into place.

It will be surprising and profound, and it will be what you have always known. It will be what you have been looking for finally finding you. It will being a whole heartfelt heave of happy health.

It will be worth every ounce of effort and release. It will be on the level and it will be your home.

Then you can take it up.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Belief in lack is an active awareness. More accurately, it is an active unawareness. It's a perspective that we conjure, one that keeps us unconscious.

It takes us away from the truth. It creates all kinds of cretinous constructs that keep us out of touch with ourselves. Lack is not real but we make it seem so. We insist on it as a world view. This induces most of our anguish, and the anguish then furthers the skewed perception. Lack endures and we limp along.

We are unaware that we are believing lack into being, and will fight to uphold our point of view and suffering, but we do still know on some level what we are doing. We know that it is unhealthy, unsavoury and unsustainable.

It gives us some sort of twisted kick that we choose in bitterness, indulging our self-induced right to complain and be miserable. It's a way of staying childish and renouncing responsibility. It's a device for avoiding life.

There is no lack in real life. Release your false sense of it. Instead of fighting, find what you are enforcing and let go of it. Take the tension as an opportunity to relax through it back to an integration with abundance. 

There is only abundance. Life is constantly flowing boundlessly. We need not believe anything to enjoy it. We need not do anything to be rich. We need not conjure a sense of wellbeing.

We are health itself.

Sunday, 8 January 2017


Have a good day. Don’t fret or worry. Trust and enjoy life. 

Make the changes you need to make. Move into the new. Be happy where you are and follow the pull of further happiness. Let go into the longing. Dissolve into the flow.

Everything is up in the air. The human race is metamorphosing. We are going extinct the way we were and being born on a whole new level. Maybe we aren’t. Maybe we won’t make it. It’s important to sit with that distinct possibility. In awareness of reality, we can create a fresh one. 

Of course we will make it. Everything is in the balance. This is a do-or-die situation. It is a matter of life and death, no less. Look into the heart of it. Choose the right way forward. Happiness is the way.

Have a good day. Have a good moment. Have a good life. 

Don’t be afraid. Fear is the blinding barrier to living to the full. It is a cloud, a fog of forgetting. That’s all, yet it controls the old way of life. We are moving out of that heavy weather. We are heading into the sun. We are stepping out and walking on the beach of life. We are learning how to be happy again. We are remembering. Have a good day.

Do not be convinced by the tension. Use the tension to let go. All is good. Surrender into it. Let yourself be as happy as can be. Then release into even more of it. Do not fear. Just take care of the moment with simple joy. Everything will take care of itself. Feel the love.

Be. Be yourself. Be yourself for a living. Be yourself for a living in our transforming world.

Live the love.