Wednesday, 23 February 2011


There is only one way you can change your life and that is through consciousness. There is no other change, everything else is more of the same.

You can move one thing from here to there, which may appear, at least at first, to look and feel different. It may bring a little more comfort or efficiency, or perhaps a perceived decrease in something negative.

You may choose a direction or set a goal, and then set about achieving it, which may make you seem happier or more driven. But that does not change you. It merely distracts you, and sets up another cycle of strife.

Change is not something you do, it happens. And it happens through awareness.

With being awake comes automatic and natural increases in intelligence. The word for it is transformation. Change means more or less of the known. Transformation is from the beyond.

With change, you remain the doer, the ego, just fooling yourself with your own tricks. With transformation, you are less and less separate, more and more integrated. You are your being beyond the self.

Transformation is awakening. What changes is your bubble of awareness, your understanding, your world view. Everything else, like your behaviour and relationships, evolve as a natural consequence.

You do not need to change them, they simply cannot remain those that they were, those of a less conscious person.

So all your attention needs simply to be centred in awakening to the now.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Watch yourself as you go into love. Watch yourself.

Love blinds you, sweeps you into a sort of slumber, so stay awake. Love itself is wild and beyond control. Observe as it arises and takes you with it.

Do not tumble into it and fall, as, at some stage, you will have to get back out of it and up again. You have had this happen over and over. Watch this time. Stay a witness. Do not fall in love, let it take you up.

Do not lose respect for yourself or lose touch with your mindfulness. Your presence and impeccability are your responsibility, your hard-earned realisation of who you are. Stay with them.

Then you will not lose yourself in love but bring yourself to it. You will not get lost in love but be found. Yes, you will disappear in its depths, merging more and more with its magic and mysteries, but you will stay centred. It will add to your presence. You will really know what love is.

Watch yourself. Associated with love itself are many murky memories and unconscious catches. You have been badly bruised before and may easily flinch.

You have inherited cages from your parents and ancestors, assumptions and patterns that they lived with, struggled through, and inherited themselves. Watch.

Your insecurities will arise and you will want to blame the other. Yes, watch.

You have been born into an unconscious society where love is misunderstood and misrepresented. The marketing can mislead you. The socialised associations with love can cost you.

Stay with yourself. See the difference between the real and the rubbish.

Relish reality, release fantasy. Relieve yourself and others of the painful partition between expectation and experience. Let experience awaken you, let expectation go.

Let the gap close between what you see and what is. Let love bring you together, integrate you further, help make you whole. Let yourself and the other be. Stay mindful and meditative all the way. Watch.

Love can be the cream of your consciousness.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

This Too Shall Pass

The famous saying, 'This too shall pass', is generally used to console someone or oneself during times of distress. Taken at its superficial meaning, and manipulated to suit one's needs, it means, 'Don't worry, things will get better soon'.

This can be comforting but it misses the true meaning of the saying, plus it makes little if any use of the moment.

'This too shall pass' applies to everything. Good times are just as transient as difficult ones.

If you are the type of person who clings to clich├ęs, you probably have more negative experiences than positive, because you have not yet awoken to how life is. You are still stuck in duality where you run from one experiential pole, and hanker for the other.

You are still a victim of ego-based existence and have only had the occasional taste of transcendence. At best, you have a kind of empty pleasure, with pain always nipping at your heels.

The famous saying actually means that everything soon shall pass. Wake up to what is eternal! Don't depend on external factors as much as you do your inner connection with your being.

Get into the part of yourself that does not go up and down or swing left then right. Understand how life works and watch it with mindful awareness. Everything shall pass but awareness keeps watching.

Your whole life soon shall pass. Are you wishing it away? We need both sides of experience to make sense of being alive. Are you missing the big picture?

When you can say 'This too shall pass' during a happy moment, you are starting to grow up. When you can say it during a distressing time and not wish that time away, you are starting to find your way into the now.

Ecstasy and agony both come and go. When you use experiences of either to bring yourself into the moment, you are making the most of duality by transmuting it into eternity. You are employing the transient to access the transcendent.

'This too shall pass', like everything, should take you deeper into presence.