Friday, 26 August 2016


Be mindful of old patterns. All patterns are old and they are holding you back. Be mindful of them every moment and you will dissolve them away as a way of life. You will awaken every moment. 

Awakening every moment is what we need. It’s who we really are. It’s who we long to be. It’s where the longing and the living come together and explode into being. It’s a place beyond patterns. It’s available to us right now.
Be mindful of your patterns. Instead of running on them like tracks, like a hamster in a cage or a rat in a maze, never reaching past the bars or seeing over the wall, look at them and face the discomfort of awakening. Employ them as gateways to freedom and new life. Embrace them as leverage for bliss.

Patterns are painful. They are comfortable to be in and painful to face and pass through. They are an avoidance of pain in the first place, they are a loss of vitality, which is a kind of dull agony, and then they are a pain to process. Patterns mean pain and pain brings awakening.

Be mindful of your patterns. Look out for them. Be on your path, and be on the lookout for old ways that are keeping you from it. Attend to those old ways. Be aware of them. Be open to letting them go. Be trusting of what you are doing and who you truly are, and surrender into it.

Convert your old ways into new ways by becoming conscious through what your old ways can teach you. What are you clinging to? What are you afraid of? What have you inherited or adopted unconsciously and never questioned? What buttons do you have that keep getting pushed? Be mindful of being pushed. Those triggers are patterns. 

Release who you no longer are, and find who you’ve always been.

Monday, 8 August 2016


There is no rush with anything important. The more important, the less of a rush.

Everything happens in good time: the grass grows, the seasons change, relationships begin and end, and businesses come into full bloom or die. You can try to accelerate some of these but they will just push back and put you in your place.

If things do happen faster, they are not real and robust. Only illusions can be altered.

Authenticity takes the time it takes.