Thursday, 14 July 2011


Your problems do not exist outside you, they are within. They are all facets of one problem, one factor.

You are uneasy with yourself. This is the only problem there is.

From uneasiness, we act, and everything is an expression of the inner feeling. Our relationships with the world are uneasy encounters with projections of our uneasiness. And every encounter is an attempt to resolve the discord and settle the anxiety.

But, of course, that never comes to pass. The problem needs to be seen and solved at the root, where the uneasiness arises. There, we realise that there is no problem.

There is only uneasiness. But why? Why are we so unsettled inside ourselves? And how can we calm our inner waters?

There is uneasiness because you are at war with yourself. You feel inferior, inadequate, and you do not look into the feeling. You act it out and try to compensate.

Every action is a compensation. That's why you want to win, to be the best. You want to conquer, achieve, make money, and be famous. You want power because you feel empty. You cannot just be at home in yourself, so you are constantly at odds with the world. It's an endless struggle.

You want to change everything, control everyone, and own the world. And if you did ever attain such things, you would be more miserable than ever! You would then realise that you have gone to the ends of the earth and found that you started in the wrong place on a wasted journey in search of the wrong things. You would have to start again.

So stop right now and start again.

Start with the uneasiness and bore into it. Stop exploring option two, which is the long way round, the lost route. Get down to the root of the only real option and sit with your inner dissonance. Address uneasiness directly. What is it? What is troubling you?

You are unhappy with who you are. You don't know who that is. You cannot simply be. You cannot settle into complete acceptance with no need to do anything, go anywhere, or become anyone.

Your sense of self is synonymous with struggle and searching. That is all that's wrong. Your mind will argue that there are worldly reasons but you know that you are avoiding the issue. You cannot face yourself.

The endeavour to become somebody is really all about avoiding being nobody. And nobody is who we are. Emptiness is our essence. And this emptiness is fullness.

Everything is as it should be. If you can see and accept that, all uneasiness unravels. All endeavour evaporates. There is nothing to run from, nothing to work towards, no fear or desire, no past or future, no problem and no solution. Everything has already arrived.

You are here and nothing more is needed.