Saturday, 16 July 2016


How would you ever grow up if you weren’t abandoned? How would you ever realise your power if you weren’t abused?

How would you ever come home if you hadn’t got lost? How would you know that you know if you didn’t go to the ends of forgetting?

Desertion is divine.

Yes, you need nurturing to grow and come to fruition, but you need challenging, too. You need nourishing, but you need to find your own soul food.

If everything is taken care of, how will you ever venture out of the womb? If you are not given birth, how will you live? If you never leave the nest, how will you see the world? If you are not forsaken along the way, how will you truly know that everything is taken care of?

Yes, you need to be supported, but you need to be left alone to find your own way, discover your dignity, and forge your own spirit. Only in absolute abandonment do you see that you are nothing but supported.

If you are discarded by existence, orphaned by your parents, rejected by your lovers, unfinanced by your business, taken for granted for your talents, and forced to face full responsibility for yourself, you take root in life like you never knew you could.

A certain power comes to you, from within you and from all around you, which is invaluable in the extreme. You have to pay every price for it, giving your heart and soul, your time and your money, your work and your love, your patience and your persistence, and your life and your death, but it is more than worth it.

Growing up is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Abandonment is the ultimate gift.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


I have mastered a few things in my life and none of them mean anything. I am still mastering, more than ever.

Mastery is in the moment. It’s a living thing, a dynamic and ongoing state. It has no stasis. Whatever you achieve falls away immediately, which brings more opportunity for mastery.

You master nothing, which makes you not a master but nothing, too. The more you are nothing, the more mastery you exhibit. There is no you and no master, only mastery.

Each moment is the beginning of the next. There is simply intensifying presence.

Mastering your life is a process of forgetting yourself.