Sunday, 5 November 2017

Bringing Down Walls

We live in a world of walls. We are surrounded and defined by them. Our perceived individuality is a function of them and our personalities are forms of them.

We are closed in by constructs of which we are largely and insistently unconscious. We put and keep these walls up. Have a look.

When we see them, they dissolve. We realise why we have put them up and we remember our oneness behind the barriers. We live the high of freedom and reunion. Healing happens when the walls come down.

We don't want to be closed. We have cut ourselves off to protect ourselves from pain, to keep danger out, and to try to keep vulnerability in. But we have created bigger troubles than we have saved ourselves from. 

We are lonely and isolated. We are sad and sore. We look strong and safe but we are broken and miserable. Walls are the way we have set up this suffering.

We want to be open. We want to merge with the oneness. We want to reconnect and truly live. We want to be successful in our natural state. We want to be happy and barrier-free. We want to be ourselves for a living. 

We can and we are. It hurts but the constructs are crumbling. It's scary but the structures are subsiding. It's revolutionary but it's rudimentary. The transformative time in history here. 

High walls are making way for high humans.