Saturday, 13 August 2011


Pause when inconvenience appears. Two things have happened.

First, an opportunity has presented itself; and second, your preconceptions have been confronted. So pause and, in that gap, move through your reaction, then explore what awaits you.

Your reaction is based on existing understanding, a limited and outdated view, your comfort zone. You don't want that disturbed. You act unconsciously. Some issue is bothering you and you are irritated. But wait ...

When you see that you are reacting and, therein, resisting, you immediately let go of the bubble of bad vibes. Now you see the situation with new eyes. It is not what you interpreted it to be, it simply is. It has presented itself and you accept that. You trust it. There may well be something in it, too ...

So you move into the opportunity openly. You are mindful and conscious as you encounter whatever it is. This is already enlightening because you are awake. That is always primary.

Then, the circumstance unfolds optimally because you are empty, offering no obstacles. And, as it reveals itself, you experience it in alert acceptance. Nothing but more good can come from it.

The inconvenience has taught you about yourself. It has helped you release your inner obstructions to life. So it has been an awakening.

And, of course, it has turned into a path of possibility, an uninterrupted manifestation, for your pleasure.

Staying centred, you effortlessly enjoy the emerging mystery.