Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Working with the Inner

Do the inner work. There is nothing more worthwhile within, and no better endeavour for affecting the outer. 

Go in and face what's there. Feel it, see it, let it be and allow it to unravel. Surrender to the awakening that it provides. It reveals everything you need to know and carries the timeless truth within it. It also shows the way in the world and makes you ready to encounter it. The inner is the way.

The work is the way. Life is work, in gratitude and giving. It is a blessing to be here unpacking who we are and sharing it with the world. Work is how we actualise and give service. 

Work is art, love and joy. Work is making a difference. 
Inner work is tuning in and sitting with what's there. It is letting go into the vortex pulling us ever towards it, without releasing awareness. It means never letting go of awareness. 

Watch whatever happens wherever you go. Always be allowing the watcher to be growing from every experience. Every experience is an intensification of watching. You will one day watch yourself die. 

You are always watching yourself die. Be increasingly aware of it. Everything is you dying. This is true living! Every moment is the burning up of everything. The world is on fire. Your physicality is a flame. Watch it. 

This is the work. This is the fun. This is the magical mystery. This is the deepening of being. This is the settling into who you really are.

This is the awakening.