Sunday, 19 June 2016


I am lighting another homely fire here in honour of my father. He is in the winter air this evening and I am firing it up with spirited flames.

I am heating my house with his lingering presence, and it is warming my heart. He is in the timeless ether and I am reaching into it through alchemic elements at this particular time.

As always, I have music in my home and love steaming in my bloodstream. I have patriarchal power in my pen, my father and his father in my growing work, and fiery passion in my words. I have it all here tonight.

I have nothing holding me back because I have learned how to stop doing that. I have healed and moved on, come home to myself and become my own caring parent. I have given birth to and raised myself to full fruition. I am authentically an adult, finally fully a man.

I am moving so fast now that I have stopped moving altogether. Like a supernova, I am standing absolutely still in the twinkling skies. 

I am blazing through the heavens like a shooting star holding a fragment of eternity in my self-consuming spin through the galaxy.

I am lighting up the horizon for those with eyes to see.

Catch a fleeting glimpse and make a wish.

Friday, 3 June 2016


If you want to achieve anything, bring yourself into alignment with everything. If you want to be happy, do the same.

If you want to know who you truly are, employ that exact approach. If you want to soar to new heights of effortless attainment and at the same time journey to the centre of your being, while enjoying an ongoing feeling of thrilling fulfillment, come into absolute alignment.

Alignment is intelligence.

Alignment is a surrender of the self. It is a relinquishing of all attempts to control. It is the dissolution of the sense of separation, and is, thus, the reunion with the experience of oneness.

It is a return to the truth. It means getting back into the flow, allowing the stream of life and all existence to move unhindered. It is not ego-bound. 

No wonder it brings achievement. No wonder it is blissful. Now wonder it takes you up as much as it draws you in.

Alignment is a coming home to being nothing. This is how it is everything.

Alignment is alchemy.