Thursday, 15 July 2010


When you find yourself centred, and find the knack for staying so, and are able more consistently to return to being so whenever there's drift, your relationships change. You and how you relate both change.

When you are connected consciously to the centre of all things, you cannot lose yourself in the realms of ego.

You can have ego and work with it - which is simply to be present - like you have a body, but you are beyond it. You are watching.

Ego is a psychological body, and you are watching.

So when two egos collide, when you have relationships, you watch. You engage while you watch.

You sometimes lose yourself in the engaging and then rediscover the watcher, and that's how you grow. You grow into yourself, into your centre, which is the centre of all things. There is only one centre. And from here, you grow in relationship.

When you are lost in identification with ego and, in relationship, you are locked in a dynamic, you will usually spiral further out of control until you disengage.

Then you wrestle and wrangle in ego for ages before it runs its course and calms down. Then you start to see. Back in a centred space, you re-encounter grace.

When you live in grace, when you are increasingly centred, you relate as yourself, not the self lost in relationship.

The centre takes the circumference new places.

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Is it enriching to know you?

Do people skip your status updates on social networking websites or are they drawn to them?

Is your brand magnetic? Is there something of the ultimate coming through you from the beyond?

The way to be really enriching is, of course, to be yourself. There can be nothing lacking in who you are. That’s how you were created; unique and entirely required as such.

Great effort since has gone into standardising you, but your spirit endures and your individuality prevails. Getting past your conditioning, being creative, following your inner knowing, and being present bring your wealth to the world.

With awareness, you can distinguish between the constructed you and the real one, and choose the wiser.

Through creativity, you express, clear, give and contribute. You also keep up with life and find the moment.

Learning to listen to the voice within you, the powerful whisper of truth, leads you into the mystery and lets it speak through you.

Another way to be enriching is to grow. Always be growing, passively. Allow it to happen.

Nothing you could conjure as a separate self, as an ego, will compare to the realms of awakened consciousness. This surrendering is active, though, a great growing, a logarithmic learning. It’s a trip! It is love.

Grow in love. Grow deeper and higher. Stay centred.

Lose it and rediscover it anew. Go off the rails and realise that you cannot do so.

Live! Be yourself for a living. Explore your talents. Immerse yourself in what seduces you. Romance life in return.

Don’t settle for even the very best if it isn’t good enough for you. Travel the world out there and within. And, wherever that takes you, go in the now.

To be enriching, be enriched.