Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Trying is a quick route to tension and trouble. As soon as you exert yourself, you induce anguish. 

As soon as you aspire, you set up a struggle with the way things are. If you are already in hell, it won't make much difference if you turn up the heat, so trying might seem entirely fitting for you, perhaps even somewhat redemptive, in the short term anyway. 

But when you are in tune, even the slightest attempt will tell you immediately that you have gone wrong. 
Things should arise from within you and synchronise with what surrounds you. Your job is to be present, that's all. 

This is where creativity flows best and easiest, and it is where you are most harmonious with the world. You act on your inspiration and connect with your context, effortlessly, entirely in the flow. 

Trying is not in the flow. Trying seems appropriate when you are out of synch and want to induce a solution. Trying seems appealing when you are unfed from your source and need to compensate with external attention, accolades and assets. 

Trying is ego-driven and ego-affirming. It seems like a solution when you are the problem. Trying cannot work. You need to stop doing it.

You need to get back to being.