Thursday, 29 September 2016


You used to trust your doctor, now you no longer can. You used to trust your dentist, but it's clearly also a scam. You used to trust the government, but they can't be trusted at all. You used to trust the bank, but the banks are behind it all. 

You used to trust your parents, but they lied to you from the start. You used to trust your school, but they perfected the art. You used to trust yourself, but the world has got to you. You used to trust the truth, but what, you ask, is true?

You used to trust your boss, but they all have an agenda. You have one yourself, it's an endless mind-bender. You used to trust in God, but let's say that's evolving. You need to trust in something, something to do the solving. 

You used to trust your food, it used to be so healthy. You used to trust the news, now that's owned by the wealthy. You used to trust naively, now you are no fake. You trust because you know...

...and you know 'cos you're awake.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Be selective

You don’t have to settle. You can have the best and do what you choose. You can work with the finest clients suited entirely to your style and preference.

Give yourself permission for this to transpire. Be selective and see what happens.

The selection process happens first in your head and your heart. The world follows. The universe gives you what you deem fitting for yourself.

Set your standards high and give yourself the benefit of all doubt. The journey is both outer and inner, as the two reflect each other.

Selectiveness occurs as you learn to love and respect yourself. 

You will find the sweet spot.