Monday, 29 December 2008


Are you ready for change and growth? Change is inevitable and growth is enlightening. Are you ready for the new?

Have you made space inside and around you? Have you prepared the emptiness within your being and in your surrounding circumstance, which is an outer reflection of your interiority? Have you created a womb for the birth of new life?

If not, you are perhaps not ready for the wonder of a new day or a new moment. That would be a pity because life is synonymous with newness and you would be missing it.

Perhaps your house is so cluttered that you don’t know where to start to clean it out. Maybe you have become addicted to the lethargy of disorder or the false comfort of too much stuff. Maybe the mess immobilises rather than motivates you.

I am prone to extreme irritation when my inner and outer spaces are disorganised. Cleanliness and clarity become my priority and, albeit often through gritted teeth and with much cussing at first, I get my landscapes swept to mint minimalism. Then inspiration can blow through a fresh flute.

Are you resisting life by hoarding remnants of the past? Are you rejecting joy by holding on to memory? Is your life crying out for a clean?

Readiness is presence, plus the processing and eliminating of anything that is obstructing it.


Katie Skow said...

I'm ready to leave clutter behind in the new year. I'm clearing out a large closet and turning it into a quiet zone/meditation space in the new year!

Robin Wheeler said...

Sounds fantastic Katie. I am clearing, too, and enjoying it. Amazing feeling.