Friday, 2 January 2009


Beauty is like truth, you cannot describe it. You cannot put it into words. As soon as you voice it or even think about it, it slips away. Beauty and truth can only exist in silence.

They can only be communicated in silence, too. If you want to share them with someone, both of you will have to be still. You will have to put the mind aside and be present.

The flow of thoughts, the urge to label things, and the compulsion to limp along using verbal communication will have to give way to the intense yet subtle communion of the unspoken.

Nothing that the mind can understand is of any true value or beauty. Nothing of true value and beauty can be understood or expressed using the mind.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth can never be articulated using words. Yet courts around the world base their trade on it every day! That shows you the absurdity of the system, if you need reminding.

The joys of the heart might burst forth into words because we are so conditioned to use them, and they may help convey some of the feeling, but it is what they are pointing to that matters.

These words written here are merely pointing to something. The beauty is not in them but beyond. I am inviting you to the beyond.

True beauty remains unspoken.

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