Tuesday, 27 January 2009


It is a Tuesday morning in January. The summer solstice has passed and the cool hint of approaching winter has been in the air since.

The tide has turned. It is melancholy in midsummer with the promise of reprieve from too much magnificence.

My doors and windows are wide open and outside the grey sky is pouring down. The music inside is the perfect accompaniment. I am so moved.

Rain brings joyful scents and stirring moods, soaking the earth and my soul with adoration. Music distills from the same place, precipitating like blessings from the eternal.

Birds are back on the lawn now that the sky water has subsided, celebrating the bread I put out for them, flapping, hopping and chirping colourfully, almost as happy as me.

And the music, oh, the music!

Sometimes you can write like rain, for no reason at all.

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AfroDaze said...

Truly beautiful.