Monday, 12 January 2009

Your calling

Your calling is unlikely to come out of something you already know.

We try to solve our situations with the known, but that is such a small piece of what is. Our calling merges with what is, but it emerges from the unknown and the unknowable.

Our ability to live fully is in our ability to stop churning through the known and to surrender to what is beyond it. You calling is calling from beyond.

I am listening to mine. I have no idea what it is. It is deeper than my current awareness, unfathomable to me yet accessible. I am listening.

I am clearing the deck of my little ship and letting the oceanic depths of my being speak to me. And I am listening.

Hearing happens when speaking stops, when the noise dies down. There is a gap between thoughts where the whole of existence suddenly speaks in silence.

It fills you with such tremendous insight, inspiration and joy that doing becomes absurd. All that feels appropriate is being fully alive and spreading consciousness. You become a fountain of beauty.

Your calling is something new. It may express itself using the tools you already know and have, but it has no form at this point.

It is being born, coming into manifestation. Can you feel it? Dig deep and be, stop thinking and feel.

Your calling is in your being.

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