Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Life is not a business. Living is not a trade.

The important things have no value and are at the same time priceless. So if you understand them in terms of exchange, you miss their essence and make them mundane.

If you give love and expect something in return, it is not love that you give and it is not true giving.

If you do things because you want something back, you are living an ego-based existence, dependent on other people for your fleeting happiness.

You are mired in manipulation. Everything in your life becomes conditional. And that’s no fun!

It makes you just a merchant, market-bound and missing the natural wonder. Tallying is your religion and feeling cheated an inevitable consequence.

That, of course, makes you prone to sneaking a little bit extra here and there for yourself. And why not? You aren’t getting anything true or beautiful from the transaction.

Next thing death comes and it doesn’t do business, it just declares you bankrupt. Everything breaks even in the end and if you didn’t realise that along the way and live for the miracle not the money, you missed out with no refund.

If you tried to conduct your relationships as an enterprise, you realise that you let those pass you by, too. Most of all, your inner wealth went untapped.

Ironically, when you live with unconditional love, giving for the sheer joy of it without expecting anything in return, and being happy and fulfiled in your own being, the harvests are boundless.

Life’s a celebration not a struggle, a dance not a deal.

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