Monday, 5 January 2009


Space is spirit. Life is not in things but in the space between them.

The solution to problems is in accessing the space in and around you. The key to being yourself and connecting with others is in space.

So first, access the space everywhere. Look at the room you are in, it is essentially space. What makes it a room is the room in it. The walls and roof create a form but it is the nothingness that makes up most of what is, or isn’t there.

When you become aware of the space rather than the things, you invert your attention, which makes you available to what is possible rather than what has already formed.

Second, give yourself space. We strangle ourselves with tension, anxiety and expectation. Let go of that and allow the space that is within you to be.

You are not the molecules that comprise your body, you are the emptiness between and inside them. You are not your personality, you are the mystery. Sit with that.

Third, give other people space. They have been beaten into submission their whole lives and denied freedom to be who they are, and you know exactly what that is like.

From your awareness of space, extend that gift of the eternal to them. Let them be, be themselves with you.

When you feel the space that makes up everything, you open to the wonder of who we really are.


Mike Lacey-Smith said...

Hey Robin, awesome! Makes me apprecite the spaces around me not the noise that surrounds me at times!

Robin Wheeler said...

Thanks Mike. I am realising from your comment that the noise is a sonic form of things and silence a sonic form of space.