Friday, 12 December 2008


When you are being yourself or a living, how can you take holidays?

How can you take a holiday from being yourself? The more you get away from things, the more who you are reveals itself! You can suspend effort and consciously not work but that is simply another kind of work and the insights it brings are all part of the process.

Rest from one kind of work is simply work of another kind. And when you are being yourself for a living, you are always working and never working. The distinction falls away, as does the customary set of assumptions about how life works.

How we see the world is almost entirely how we have been conditioned to see it. Difficult as it may be at first to grasp, we are not being ourselves much at all. We are living in a consciousness created by others, a consciousness that is so deeply entrenched that we consider it our own.

The call to drop that and be ourselves no matter what, is a breakthrough. So is the decision to go for it. On the journey, constructs and falsities tumble away as we realise the truth for ourselves.

Work has been conditioned into us in the interests of others. Holidays are those little treats we are thrown now and then to keep us grateful slaves. Every day is really a holy day and every day we are really free.

Claim your freedom and live the new way.

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