Friday, 19 December 2008


Forget about improving yourself. Forget about learning more, gaining knowledge and getting better. Drop it all.

It’s all more of the same. It’s the same dysfunctional assumption that there is something deficient in you that needs to be fixed or filled. It’s the same insatiable hunger for solutions on the outside. It’s the same turning to so-called experts and renunciation of responsibility for your own being. It is in the interests of others and it is hidden everywhere!

Just be who you are, that is complete. From there you will grow but it will have a totally different feel and quality to it than trying to improve all the time. One is an insatiable inadequacy, a subtle and self-perpetuating self-loathing, and the other is a fullness flourishing.

Part of making the shift is to accept yourself as you are. Fundamental, also, is distinguishing between thinking and presence.

Thinking always wants more. It chews on knowledge, what has been put into it. Your incessant thinking is not you. It occupies itself constantly with trying to gain and improve so that you can remain identified with it and keep it alive and dominant.

Presence is whole. It is made up of awareness, timeless consciousness. It is you, the real you. It has no need to gain or improve yet it is being fed from the infinite. When you are present, you are one with the infinite.

Presence has the innate impulse to progress, which is an inside out evolution that you can experience, watch and enjoy.

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