Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Comparing is one of the diseases of humanity, a symptom of mind-based living and part of the collective misery we are slowly finding our way out of.

If I look at myself, I am who I am. It is perfect. I do my thing, I enjoy it and people get something from it. Everything is good and the way it should be.

From this place of centredness and acceptance I look at others and I see them doing the same. They are being themselves and I am benefiting from it. The more they are ‘successful’, the happier I am because their success is all part of mine. We are in this together, each unique. Success breeds more success.

If, however, I compare myself, I immediately feel disconnected, and insecurity is hot on its heels. Others suddenly look better than me and my urge is to copy them to try to measure up. I also feel resentful and envious, clawing at what they have but unable to attain it, like in a dream where something is just beyond my grasp. Awful!

In this space, their success is my enemy. I do not wish it on them at all, and I cannot achieve it myself. I am trying to be someone I am not, which is futile, and I want them to fail so that I can feel better about myself. The world is heading in a negative direction for all of us and my interiority is simply hell.

When I get back to myself, suddenly success is already here. I am me, meant to be, thriving and creating freely. Everyone else is free to do the same with my fervent blessing, and success is all around, unbounded.

Drop comparing and replace competing with celebrating.


Katie Skow said...

Comparison leads to jealousy which isn't healthy at all. People need to stop comparing themselves and success to others and START "BEING THEMSELVES FOR A LIVING!" I'm thoroughly enjoying your book, by the way.

Robin Wheeler said...

Thanks Katie :)