Thursday, 11 December 2008


Emptiness is the most beautiful thing. Almost the entire universe is empty. It hovers still as it rushes to infinity and back. Emptiness is the stuff of all creation.

Yet most people are terrified of it. The place where it scares us most is inside ourselves. Just as the universe is filled with nothingness, so is our inner world. Yet there is no need to fear it because that emptiness is full.

How can we be afraid of our nature, the essence of all being? Because we do not know it. We think of ourselves in limited terms and cling to these for dear life, which largely and ironically eludes as a result.

It is like a drop of water being afraid of the ocean. It is clutching at being separate, to a disconnected sense of self. If it just surrenders that self, it realises that it is already part of the whole. There is nothing to fear.

Instead, though, to cover up the hollowness we feel inside, we look for ourselves on the outside. We try to fill the perceived hole with stuff, like money, possessions, power, position, respectability, achievement, and even spirituality. What we think of as love is just that, thought, which we use to plug the gap.

Of course, no amount of filling can even touch sides because the emptiness has no sides. Plus, whatever we try to fill it with is empty, too! Eventually, we have to just let go and become one with it.

When you allow yourself to drown into nothingness, it fills you with the eternal.

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