Friday, 5 December 2008


Try a little gentleness. It can be a simple technique, a meditation to keep you present.

Presence is the ultimate in being OK. Everything is perfect in the now. If something needs changing, you change it. If you can’t, you accept it. Either way, you are at peace.

When you are present, you are love. You are alert, calm inspiration. You are not resisting, pushing or pulling. So you are gentle.

Whatever you touch with your presence is touched gently. There is no tension or aggression. You hardly leave a mark, yet something profound happens. The intensity of your presence spreads.

There is so much tension in the body, gathered throughout life and seldom released. It is easy to stay stuck in it, always unsettled, struggling, grinding your jaw. It’s exhausting and destructive.

The moment creates a gap in that, a window of stillness. You can stay in that stillness where everything else is outside you. There may be a storm but you are safely at home.

You move with grace, enjoy the view of the swaying trees and the scent of rain. You feel the thrill of change but inside there is a haven. Your inner room is filled with empty, silent space.

Gentleness can open that gap, bring in the stillness and take you home to yourself.

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Mike Lacey-Smith said...

Gentleness is found in an acceptance of we are. The world says dog eat dog, take what you can when you can, but your article says it all. We can do it differently. Thanks Boet!