Tuesday, 2 December 2008


The unconscious self believes that worry is justified. Whatever it is worried about seems a legitimate concern.

The more it worries, the bigger the problems get and the more appropriate the worry seems. What it can’t see is that it, the unconscious self, is also getting bigger.

That is what worry is actually about: building up the false identity. Worry is a form of fear and the ego is fear-based.

The false self is made up of negativity. It feeds on it. It is a parasite that lives on remembering, focusing on and anticipating pain and problems.

It is very cunning, which is one of the reasons we get lost in it and find it so difficult to shake off. One of the ways it continually hooks us is by giving us reasons to live, in the form of problems.

Without worry, we may wonder if we are actually alive. The way we have been raised to live is so interwoven with having troubles to chew on that freedom feels quite disconcerting at first.

Who am I without my worries? Who is left when my problems have disappeared?

The true self! Peaceful and alert. Calm and inspired. Free to create and happy to just be.

Happiness is a merging with the whole, a dissolution of the ‘self’, which takes getting used to. At first it can feel like an absence with strong urges to re-attach to the ego.

The deeper you sink into its presence, though, the more powerful it becomes.


Anonymous said...

Robin -

I think we are speaking the same language. Also, there is a synchronicity to our posts for today.


Here is my post for today:


Have a great day!


Mike Lacey-Smith said...

Hey Robin, how true! Life has taught so many people that worry is a legitimate expression of life. If we look to to the beauty of today we are ahead of the worry. Today is the tommorrow we worried about the whole of yesterday! It is wasted energy and clouds our vision and dreams!

Robin Wheeler said...

Thanks NoahNow and Mike, great to synchronise and connect :)