Thursday, 4 December 2008


Be careful of hope. Be careful of it in yourself and be careful of someone selling it to you.

Hope is for the future, a better one than the present, which takes your attention out of the now. It puts you in an unpleasant place and keeps you there, always hankering for better.

You may feel that life is problematic now and so hope keeps you going, which makes logical sense. But you are missing the depth of the moment.

The moment is always all there is. If you see the now as anything but complete and ideal, you are missing it. Then you will look ahead, but there is nothing there. You will miss that too.

Look at the now. If you are unhappy or afraid, sit with that until it subsides and the eternal beneath it becomes clear to you. Then you will not anticipate.

Someone selling you hope, like a politician or a religious head, is manipulating you for their gain. Their story also seems to make sense on the surface but it is skin deep.

They are capitalising on your discontent, promising something better if you vote for them or support their religious authority over you. A better country, an afterlife... through them.

Both are lies. Hope is a big con. Anyone selling it to you is keeping you weak and in their clutches, sweet and sincere as their presentation may seem.

When you find yourself in the here and now, you do not need hope. You see that it is highly dangerous and simply absurd.

Be happy not hopeful!

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