Wednesday, 19 November 2008


One of the fundamentals of life has been taken from us. We can get it back.

Inherent in our oneness with the whole is complete trust. Our separateness is an illusion and we do not really die, so what is there to fear?

That trust has been eroded, though, because our sense of oneness has been severed. We have become identified with the superficial, lost in mind and the ego, which brings with it inherent fear.

Most things around us - the language of the world; egoic relationships; religious, political, social and economic institutions – reinforce a sense of separateness. We are surrounded by constant messages of subconscious threat.

All it takes to re-establish trust, though, is presence. You don’t have to fight or insure or deceive, you just have to be, fully be. Then the illusion of time and separation subside and your spirit steps forward.

Your dominant awareness shifts gently yet powerfully from ‘out there’ to ‘in here’. Your timeless nature takes precedent and worldliness takes it rightful place as a secondary experience.

It becomes fascinating, playful, experientially rich and growth filled. But it is not the dominant you and you are not lost in it. You are in tune with who you really are.

And there, or more precisely, here and now, you are filled again with trust. You begin to see how much subliminal fear you have been carrying around as it subsides.

Beneath the fear there is eternity, holding you eternally in its hands. You are free with no need to worry.

Presence and trust are one and the same. Now, you can truly live.

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