Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Perfect sleep

This morning, I am up with the birds... There is nothing like it!

The air is fresh and crisp and I feel vital. I got to bed late last night, after an afternoon and evening of meetings, workshops and networking followed by writing back at my home office. But I woke up at sunrise.

Yesterday it was a rainy morning and I woke up at 9.30am... There is nothing like it!

Apart from sleeping in when everyone else was wishing they could, I got about nine hours of sound sleep, which I needed, and felt superb. You know what it's like when you have an inner reservoir filled with rightful rest?

This morning I feel a little tired still and so I will probably sleep some more today sometime. Often I am up early, do some writing and then go to bed again for a while. Often I have a short sleep in the afternoon.

I have no rules or routines, I flow with my feeling... There is nothing like it!

I almost never use an alarm. I wake up naturally (if the neighbour's dogs are gracious enough to oblige - little bastards) and allow my body to manage itself. I ease into the day because that's what works for me.

I usually lie in for a while, waking up and reflecting meditatively. I often have much to process after my night's sleep, so I do that. Usually I read something spiritual before I get up.

Other people jump up and get going immediately. We are all unique and we each need to do what is right for us. We need to be in tune and to trust our own rhythms and ways.

Listening to our bodies and living in line with our own inner knowing is vital.

There is nothing like it!


Unknown said...

Hmmm............its almost as if you know who has less hours of sleep and still brief moments during the day to do just that. I must say I enjoy my sleep more on weekends because I completely switch off and love it. During the week - there are days when I sleep a straight 9 hours then again I will need to get to bed early, usually it doesnt help, my neighbours are loud by nature be they chatting or watching television, it takes times to settle down before I can sleep deeply.
Who wouldnt want to sleep when its raining? Can we swap jobs you think? Have a good day and enjoy your afternoon naps!!Love Denise

Robin Wheeler said...

Thanks Denise! :)

Unknown said...

Good morning and happy birthday!!!!!!!!I hope you are awake, still if you in bed thats ok, its your birthday after all, who cares if you stay in bed all day, well maybe if we dont get hold of you, we will care a lot.
May this day be as beautiful and gently just as the November rain!~~~and may the year ahead be exciting and challenging for you.
All the best with all of the things that you are doing. Lots of love, energy, Denise

Neena said...

I wrote this to my husband after reading your blogg....perhaps it is useful and relevant here... :

I found this blog useful in allowing me to be me and follow my rhythm......and also because you have your own rhythm too...I need to respect that.

I guess when you are married, and there are together things that require attention, like children, or bills, it is easy to loose sight of each other's own unique rhythm. How, how do we remain authentic to our own rhytm and harmonise with the rhythm of this family that is us?

I guess the truth is that there will be times when all is in sync, and times when it is not.

I think I like all in sync, and work real hard at keeping it like that,

or trying to get it back!

It means I do not trust the rhythm of us, of life.

Perhaps all I need is reassurance......what kind? How does it look?

I think I need to trust me...have faith in me...know that no matter what, I will be ok. And I know that.

But OY! It is not easy to navigate disharmony and be productive......moving becomes so sticky, there is no energy to propel is just stuck. Hello stuck. Hello freeze. This feeling is I would rather be dead---that is victim! Wow!

I am not a victim of NOW, I choose NOW! And NOW has me and my also has my bladder that needs also has Anna who is negotiating her way past me, and stops to say 'Hello Neena'....and it has this air...and this air conditioning, and noise outside, and my computer...................

I am moving.....

Steve Berke said...

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