Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Being not becoming

There is a simple yet fundamental distinction to make in life that determines how you live. Seeing the distinction leads to a simple choice, made with consciousness.

The distinction is between being and becoming.

We have been sold the lifestyle and mindset of becoming. It seems to make sense – realising your potential, being your best etc. – but it is a big con. It has been sold to us by people wanting to cleverly manipulate and control others for their subversive hunger for power.

The result is collective unconsciousness, subtle slavery and cycles of violence.

If you are into becoming, you are not happy with who and where you are. You are out of touch with yourself and out of the moment. You are lost. And, as such, you are weak and open to the influence of people offering guidance and hope, religious, political or otherwise.

So becoming is part of not being, the root of the current human condition and all the problems in the world. We are looking for ourselves outside somewhere. We are unaware of our inner split.

What we are looking for cannot be found, so we are being sold down the river, with our consent.

We need simply to wake up from the hypnosis being perpetuated by the media and other agents of collective unconsciousness, like schooling and social conditioning. We need to become aware of the mechanisms of becoming.

Then the most profound yet simple insight liberates us: we already are. Whatever we seek is within us. We need not seek it because it is already here. Seeking is lost, being is found.

Find your being. Allow consciousness and presence to take over your life. Let go of becoming in all its forms.

Everything is here and now. You are the truth. Wake up to it.

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