Saturday, 22 November 2008

Give it up

What do you give up to earn a living? If there is something, it may be well be holding you back.

It’s easy to justify giving up something in exchange for income, it’s still the norm. It’s still the way most people think. In the name of reality, they keep doing it, even defending it.

But is it what you want? Do you want to give up part of your life to support yourself? Does that make any sense? Is it necessary? Is it the best approach in our times? Are you perhaps being nudged to re-evaluate?

Sometimes it’s not the conscious choice to do what you love for a living that leads to change, it’s a creeping up of circumstantial pressure. You keep doing things the old way and they just don’t work anymore.

Business is just not happening. Clients aren’t coming and people aren’t buying. Your strategy isn’t taking hold. The more you work, the less it works.

Then, after resisting to the bitter end, and then some, you start to surrender to new insight. You start to consider... doing what you love! And, because you have nothing left to lose, you take the risk.

And it works!

So, whatever you are giving up to earn a living, give it up. Then you can begin to be yourself.

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Mike Lacey-Smith said...

Hey Robin!

I can identify - I love what I do, and it comes at a good price! Awesome