Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Feelings, facts and freedom

We all struggle with feeling caught between knowing that there is a better way and feeling powerless to bring it about.

We all know the feeling of frustration with how the world works and the feeling of anger followed by hopelessness when we try to make change. We know how it feels to be rejected and ostracised by our community when we speak out.

We all know how it feels, bit by bit and day by day, to give up our insight and intelligence and, along with it, our ability to be fully alive.

The fact is that there are subversive forces in society that keep us stupid. They do not serve us as people or as a species and they do not serve the earth or life itself. They are a collective unconsciousness.

One could source them in sinister circles of power hungry people who serve only the ‘elite’ but still they are simply unconsciousness. The solution is not a war on them but a healing of the whole. The healing comes with waking up.

The healing is from seeing the truth as it is. When you do that, you are set free and you can simply change what is not right, what is not working.

When you are upset – feeling angry and powerless and hopeless – you are feeding your enslavement. You are right but you are stuck.

But when you are simply aware and awake, clear with consciousness, the truth can work through you. You are not attached to change so you are not vulnerable to defeat. You are powerful.

You are powerful because you are not you, you are the whole. You have lost your sense of separateness, which is what kept you powerless and caught in pain.

You are one with the facts, with truth, and thus able to stop being stupid. When you get past the feelings, you become intelligence, the force of true freedom.


Unknown said...

This speaks to exactly where I am and trying to understand the feelings of other people and how they can free themselves from that bondage.
I guess at times you let go and hope life will take its course............very powerful message Robin, you have pretty said what I was hoping you to hear and pass on..Lots of energy to you

Robin Wheeler said...

Many thanks Denise.