Wednesday, 26 November 2008


The quickest way to be unhappy, to create inner turmoil and stress, is to live with expectations. They create a split between where you want to be and where you are.

Joy is here and now. Everything we need is in the present. Our true selves are synonymous with presence.

Expectations arise in the mind and stem from a separation from our true nature. The mind is never happy with what is and always wants more, thinking that it will bring fulfilment.

The lack of fulfilment came from leaving the moment and great expectations, although they may give flashes of excitement, bring great discord. The pursuit of meeting them brings great suffering.

I have spend years with a constant, subliminal companion, a sense of tension and anxiety, a fear based subtle anguish. I feel it in my body and just beneath.

It is simply a gap between my true self and my mind, between the now and my expectations. Lately, I have been aware of it and bringing myself back to presence.

I simply let go of expectation and the consciousness, the unconsciousness that comes with it. Here now. Now.

With the release of expectation comes the release of tension and a return to what it's all about.

When you stop squeezing it, the moment opens to fill your life.

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