Thursday, 25 February 2010


I am re-inventing the wheel, with my unique spin.

I starting from the beginning, doing what everyone ever has done, and I am doing it my way. I am bringing my uniqueness to the world through the medium of human being.

I am just like you and everyone and, just like you and everyone, I am incomparable.

What matters in life, what’s real, you have to discover for yourself. Nothing of any value can be given, you must ascertain it. And you must live it, not think or fantasise about it but experience it.

Only then can you encounter it, only then can you grow.

I am re-inventing the wheel. I am digging down under the surface into the earth. I am ploughing and planting, I am right in my roots.

I am leaving no stone unturned and I am finding the first invention for myself. That is my companionship with all souls who have walked the earth. That is my solidarity with you. Our respective solitudes bring us together.

We all have to invent our own wheels in our own way.

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