Monday, 1 February 2010


Follow your natural interest. Follow your intuition.

Go into that energy, that pull, that seductive sense that redeems you from the mundane.

Life is meaningless on the surface and most people hack along hopping from hope to false hope. Then suddenly you feel a connection with the mystery, a oneness with the whole.

You feel that you belong, you are meant to be here, and that life holds infinite wonder. The magic of your being opens up. Your intense inquisitiveness is engaged.

Go into it.

Kids are curious, inherently wonderstruck. They are not looking for answers, they are enjoying a state of constant amazement. They are innocent and alive.

Adults are sold on the superficial and very unhappy with their purchase. It was not a fair trade, they lost all that matters for a little luxury.

Curiosity is a return to innocence, a shift from the dead illusion of accumulated knowledge to the vital reality of permanent freshness.

What makes you feel new again? It’s always here, but you are not. Be here and you will reconnect with it. Or follow it and you will find the now.

What is your natural curiosity? It contains the treasures of the universe. The doors of perception open all around you all the time.

Sometimes they may feel small but they are always significant. Sometimes they are immense and swallow you whole. And sometimes they are suitably seductive to simply show you the way. The steps are yours to take.

Your curiosity is uniquely yours. Your romance with life is your personal affair with the universe. What beguiles you from the beyond is beckoning to you to bring it into being by experiencing it.

Life explodes where you and your curiosity meet.


Ruth Trowbridge said...

Very lovely indeed! My first visit here. Peace

Robin Wheeler said...

Thank you, Ruralrose, nice to meet you here. Been to the sunshine coast, so wondering if you are near there.