Sunday, 24 January 2010


Of all the people who think of a good business idea, only one percent of them will turn that into words.

Only a tenth of a tenth will be brave enough to speak out their inner creativity. Only a rare one will risk it.

Of the one percent who are inspired and mad enough to speak, only one percent will take further action to bring their ideas about. And then only one percent of those will keep going.

It is extremely occasional that someone invests totally in his or her own truth, trusts the intuition that it will work, defies logic, survives recurring personal doubt (and debt), persists through communal indifference, puts his or her self-based art into business form, promotes it publically, grows spiritually, emerges cleansed from hardship, gives and teaches willingly, thrives, and keeps opening more and more.

Only one percent of people enter the doorway of the one percent within themselves. One percent of those will take the journey.

I’m not quoting statistics, I’m saying, “Go!”

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