Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I’ve been watching people. I’ve been watching myself.

We get wrapped up in heavy layers of insulation, chosen for comfort and warmth but dark and burdensome, keeping us from life. And, it isn’t even cold outside!

We are trudging through the perceived wilderness, weary and weighed down, enveloped in illusions while the most wondrous scene surrounds us.

We can’t even see. We haven’t even looked. If someone or some occasion were to draw our eyes upward, we would glance patronisingly at the starlit sky and, melodramatically, say, “Yes, but I have more important things to worry about.”

We choose our blankets for ourselves. We do so daily, moment by moment. We want to be asleep.

Dreaminess has its charms. It’s a drug, a little escape that turns out to be lifelong. It’s full of fine feelings, although they are fuzzy and dopey.

We choose our blankets for ourselves and we put them around other people. We console and cover them instead of choosing to see reality.

We pull on one another to dance in our dramas. We are like somnambulists groping in the dark, living a shared nightmare while lost in separate dreams. Even in the face of death, we cling to the comfort that kept us from living.

Each day, each moment, you need to feel the blankets creeping up to cover you.

Sometimes they are from habits, sometimes from semi-conscious choices. They are unconsciousness. Sometimes they stem from others, sometimes from ourselves. Whatever the case, they are dropped through awareness.

Feel and see the blankets wrapped around you. Be the awareness watching them. Feel and see them coming from others. Be the awareness. Wake up.

It’s a beautiful day!

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